Pictures Of A Day In The Life Of A Loan Officer

Shortly after Joe passed, I upgraded from film to a digital camera (Cannon Rebel). Photography was one of my hobbies before Joe and I became a couple and I quickly returned to it after he passed.  It was a casual hobby the first year but once I got laid off,  at the start of the 2nd year, I was back into photography full force.

Photography brings me such peace and joy.

Most of the time, I have either the point and shoot or the Cannon by my side. I had the point and shoot at work with me when I looked out my window and saw my credit union members munching on leafy greens, smooching and singing. So I grabbed the camera and started shooting Scarlet, Rhett, Ashley and Al (as in Pacino).

Here is a rare glimpse into a loan officer’s day at work.  (Excuse the glare from my window.)


Rhett Butler searching for leafy greens
“Fiddle-dee, dee – It’s Rhett Butler!”
"Frankly my dear, I do give a damn....I do, I do, I do."
“Frankly my dear, I do give a damn….I do, I do, I do.”
Scarlet & Rhett - Together At Last.
Scarlet & Rhett – Together At Last.
Here Come Ashley!
Here Comes Ashley!

A Few Minutes Later…

Shortly after I took the pictures, I heard singing – very loud singing.  I looked outside to see if there was a bird in the trees or in one of the bushes by the air conditioner. Imagine my surprise when I realized the serenade was literally coming from outside my window.  So without further adieu…

“Say hello to my little friend.”  I call him Al.



Sorry if you actually thought I was going to violate privacy laws and reveal all the nitty-gritty details of what goes on at work.

Thank You

Thank you God for blessing me with a job where I have a spectacular view – all created by you.