Michele Kearns, Founder JoyReturns

Up To Us

“Thank you so much for sharing your story! You give credence to the saying, “When one window closes another one opens”. It’s really up to us to take advantage of that open window. Thanks again!”


Reader Reactions

Smiles and New Ideas

I am so blessed to be able to read your blog every morning. As a result, I usually start my day with a smile. If not a smile, I face the day with new ideas.


Beacon of Hope

“Your written work is really a beacon of hope for those who have struggles in their own walk. Keep up with the great work because I know it’s blessing people out there as much as it has blessed me.”  


Helping People

“I love it !!! Your words are inspiring and you look great! So impressed with your work, you are helping people everyday! Keep going, we need you!!”


Katherine Miracle, Found & CEO Miracle Resources, LLC

 “…having searched the internet from end to end, yours is now the only site I visit every day.  Other sites are so depressing with detailed accounts of loss (too much information), bitterness, whining, sarcasm, dark humor, woe is me. I can’t take it and it is not helpful.

Yours shows how a modern woman takes the punch and goes on. Your posts are uplifting and make me feel I have a friend by my side on this journey.”