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Pictures Of A Day In The Life Of A Loan Officer

Shortly after Joe passed, I upgraded from film to a digital camera (Cannon Rebel). Photography was one of my hobbies before Joe and I became a couple and I quickly returned to it after he passed.  It was a casual hobby the first year but once I got laid off,  at the start of the 2nd year, I was back into photography full force.

Photography brings me such peace and joy.

Most of the time, I have either the point and shoot or the Cannon by my side. I had the point and shoot at work with me when I looked out my window and saw my credit union members munching on leafy greens, smooching and singing. So I grabbed the camera and started shooting Scarlet, Rhett, Ashley and Al (as in Pacino).

Here is a rare glimpse into a loan officer’s day at work.  (Excuse the glare from my window.)



Rhett Butler searching for leafy greens


“Fiddle-dee, dee – It’s Rhett Butler!”



"Frankly my dear, I do give a damn....I do, I do, I do."

“Frankly my dear, I do give a damn….I do, I do, I do.”

Scarlet & Rhett - Together At Last.

Scarlet & Rhett – Together At Last.

Here Come Ashley!

Here Comes Ashley!

A Few Minutes Later…

Shortly after I took the pictures, I heard singing – very loud singing.  I looked outside to see if there was a bird in the trees or in one of the bushes by the air conditioner. Imagine my surprise when I realized the serenade was literally coming from outside my window.  So without further adieu…

“Say hello to my little friend.”  I call him Al.



Sorry if you actually thought I was going to violate privacy laws and reveal all the nitty-gritty details of what goes on at work.

Thank You

Thank you God for blessing me with a job where I have a spectacular view – all created by you.

Rommie & Michele’s Backyard Safari Adventure – “Doe A Deer”

Well, I do not know why Mom called this “Rommie & Michele’s Backyard Safari Adventure” as I was asleep in the foyer when this happened. Shame on Mom for not waking me so I could greet my guests.

Mom said she took most of these pictures through the sliding glass door as she was afraid opening it would scare them off.  She did manage to quietly slide it open and snap a few picture.

Mom and I are so blessed because not everyone has a scenic view like we do.  So I hope you enjoy Mom’s snapshots.

Love, Hugs and Sloppy Wet Kisses to all!



img_6984 - 5-7

2 deer in woods and lilac bush

Deer # 3 looking for the other two.

Deer # 3 looking for the other two.

All 3 looking at camera ( you can only see the eye of one deer by the tall green leaves.

All 3 looking at camera ( you can only see the eye of one deer by the tall green leaves.

Weekend Wisdom: Winter Trees – William Carlos Williams

Since more snow is falling this Saturday morning.  I decided to do a poem and pictures for Weekend Wisdom.  Enjoy!

Winter Trees


All the complicated details

of the attiring and

the disattiring are completed!

"Disattiring Completed"

“Disattiring Completed”

A liquid moon

moves gently among

the long branches.

"Liquid Moon"

“Liquid Moon”

Thus having prepared their buds

against a sure winter

the wise trees

stand sleeping in the cold.

"Sleeping In The Cold"

“Sleeping In The Cold”


7 Stamen Salute – A Thank You

Tuesday and Wednesday saw an increase in traffic to both this site and the sister site OgleOhio.com.  As a result, the likes and subscriptions increased.  So I decided to do a post thanking my long-time readers and my new readers for subscribing to my blog, after all this is still June and I am still participating in Lisa Ryan’s “5 Thank You’s A Day 30 Day Challenge.

I am going to say thank you the best way I know how – with flowers.  So this day lily, picked (with my camera) fresh from my front yard, is for you.   There are 7 stamens, you just are unable to see the 7th as it is hidden.

Whether you are new to this site, or a long-time reader, thanks for your support.

Have a blessed day.

“7 Stamen Salute”

Stay tuned as a new weekly series premiers on Monday 6/25 – Rommie & Michele’s Backyard Safari Adventures.  For those of you new here, Rommie is my golden retriever.  We have a sizable yard to care for and have some wild adventures in keeping it maintained.

(Coming Tomorrow: How I Spent My 19th Wedding Anniversary”

Slideshow Kick-Off – “5 Thank You’s 30 Day Challenge”

Today is Day 1 of Lisa Ryan’s 5 Thank You’s  30 Day Challenge.     Thank you Lisa for this challenge.

So what better way to start off the challenge than with a Slideshow?!

Today’s Slideshow is a thank you to God for everything He has created. It seemed the best way to kick off this challenge.  After all He is indeed great – and always will be.

“This One’s For You” God.  THANK YOU!

(It is not too late to sign up for this challenge.  Just click on the link above.)

Well, I had this slideshow beautifully set to music but even after I saved it, Slideshare undid my work.