He WAS My President

(Author’s note: Until President-Elect Trump take the oath of office, President Obama IS still my president.)

President Barack Obama was my president since January 2009.

However, he was not my CHOICE to be my president in 2008.

He was also not my CHOICE to be my president in 2012.

But he was elected and I sucked it up and dealt with 8 years of his presidency.

I did not riot in the streets, but cried myself to sleep on election day 2012 – wondering what would become of me in the next four years as I was in-between jobs. Democrats are not know for being friendly to businesses.

Hope and Change

While I was waiting to get my city taxes done a couple years ago, I had a conversation with a couple. The man was leaving for work at 7 a.m. and coming home at midnight. The woman was working the first shift at her job and they were both attemping to spend quality time with their child. They said

“needless to say, hope and change have not been good to us.”

I replied

“Hope and change have not good to me either.”

Being An Adult

If I can be adult enough to deal with 8 years of a man being president whom I did not elect, then why can’t everyone else?

Decorating for the Inauguration

JoyReturns is all gussied up for President-Elect Trump’s Inauguration. The decorations will probably stay up through President’s Day.


The background is a closeup of President William McKinley’s monument in Canton, OH. I took this last year after walking the steps up to his tomb.



The header is a picture of President McKinley’s statue with the top of the monument in the background. The statue is about 1/2 way up the steps. The second picture shows the words inscribed at the base of his statue.



Happy Early Birthday, Mr. President. 

President McKinley was born January 29th, 1843, in Niles, OH

Hope you enjoy the decorations and the links to his presidential library, and the cities of Canton and Niles,  OH.

God bless you and God bless the United State of America. 

52 Bible Verses For A Joy Filled Year – Week 3

Welcome to Inauguration Week!

Our country gets a new leader this Friday. It is a new beginning for everyone. A time to let go of the animosity in all of us. Whether it is ill feelings towards our new president, or towards someone in your personal life – let it go !

Today’s verse is perfect for new beginnings.

Renew a right spirit within me. 

Psalm 51:10

May God renew a right spirit within all of us this week.


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