Lesson #1: Bestowing Kindness

noun: kindness
  1. the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

The greatest lesson I learned volunteering at the Republican Convention is

Sometimes networking is all about bestowing kindness and not about getting anything in return.

I was:

  • friendly towards the delegates, and the man with the assault rifle
  • generously gave of my time helping men and women from out of state feel at home
  • considerate of others being so far from the comforts of their home and away from family.

I went into this experience hoping and praying that God would use it to break the chains on my career. A career that has never recovered since initially being laid off 7 years ago. (Yes, I am thankful and blessed to currently be employed.)

However, I did not meet my

  • next husband
  • my next employer
  • another best friend

God simply used my volunteering as a way for me bestow kindness upon a group of strangers. A group of people who were more like family when they left.


Lesson #2: Network With The Man With The Assault Rifle

Lesson #2 from the Republican Convention is to network with the man (men) with assault rifles.

They are your friends…

and their lives matter too. 

Now you may be questioning why there were men with assault rifles at the hotel where delegates were staying. Well nothing was left to chance when it came to security. Each bus had 1 law enforcement officer with an assault rifle riding shot gun. (There could have been one at the back of the bus but I was unable to tell due to the tinted windows.)

I clarified whether the times on the chart were departure times or if they were loading times and the nice gentleman informed me they were departure times. That way I knew when to load the delegates, which was my main job.

He was surprised I took vacation time in order to volunteer, but that meant he knew who would be loading the bus every day. I also explained I am a history buff and it was important for me to be part of this historic once-in-my-lifetime event, even in a small way.

But the most important thing you can say to make friends with the man/men with assault rifles is

“Thank You.”

The man I worked with loves his job and now has a bulls eye on his back.

So Thank You to the men and women officers who carry assault rifles, Walter PPK’s, 45’s or some other caliper weapon.

The fact you go out there day in and day out putting your lives on the line protecting and serving us citizens is appreciated.

May God bless you and your families. Never forget you are being lifted up in prayer.



Lesson #3: Delegates Have TV’s

The TV in the hotel lobby was on and a reporter was covering the flag burning incident and making a mountain out of a molehill as usual.

A fellow volunteer turned off the  TV off and voice an opinion about how us volunteers are not suppose to give the delegates the impression they are going into mortal danger.

Huh?! Mortal Danger?! Quicken Loans arena and the surrounding 1 mile perimeter was the safest place on earth convention week.



About 5 minutes later a delegate scurried into the lobby chatting about watching TV coverage regarding the flag burning in her room and how the media was making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Not only do delegates have a TV in their rooms, they watch them and have the intelligence to know the difference between “mortal danger” and the media making a mountain out of a molehill about a small protest where a person set themselves on fire while burning a flag.

She reiterated how safe and secure all the delegates felt.

I would feel safe and secure too if I had Rambo, Wyatt Earp, and Samuel Gerard riding shot gun in the buses.



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