Pray EverydayMary DeMuth

Start your day with a lovely prayer from Mary as she prays her way through the Bible.

Out of the Ordinary – Lisa Jo Baker and Christy Purifoy

This podcast is a wonderful conversation between old friends about small things becoming big things filling our lives with extraordinary stories, whether we realize it or not.

The Next Right Thing – Emily P. Freeman

Emily’s calm and soothing voice will help get your day off to a great start, be a welcoming break during the day’s chaos, or help you relax and wind down before slipping between the sheets.

I love these episodes and so does her former assistant Traci. Before moving to another state, Traci listed these as her favorites:

My current favorite: Episode 91: Be A Placemaker

If you enjoy the podcast, check out Emily’s newest book the Next Right Thing; A Simple Soulful Practice For Making Life Decisions

Detail Therapy – Amy Landino

A podcast to help you go after the life you want by a Best-Selling Author and Award-Winning YouTuber, and 10-year entrepreneur. Wonderful interviews to get you thinking and taking action to help you move forward with life. Amy and her family suffered a major loss back in November, so she, unfortunately, knows about grief and living a new normal.

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