52 Bible Verses

52 Bible Verses for a Joy Filled, Positive Year – Week 13

Here it is Sunday again and today starts my least favorite week of the year (more on that in another post).

You Are An Ambassador

Since the kingdom of God is within you, you are His ambassador. You represent the kingdom to everyone you meet.

If you and I remember, give thanks for and live out the kingdom being in us then maybe, just maybe we will thrive this week instead of just surviving.



Tour de Parks: Melting In His Clutch

In March when the starting gun sounded on the Tour de Parks, I felt frozen. For several weeks afterward Snow Miser kept it below 40 degrees and kept freezing the area during my weekend park walking time.

This past weekend Heat Mizer forced me to cancel the Tour as I was melting in his clutch. Temperatures were upper 80’s / lower 90’s with the heat index at least as high and maybe even 101 degrees. I barely got the backyard mowed Saturday morning.

So we will see what this weekend brings and hopefully I can safely resume my walking through one of Northeast Ohio’s lovely parks, photographing all God created.

Walking in the parks is fun and I encourage everyone to get out there and walk a park in your neighborhood. You never know what you will discover and the endorphins will help you beat up the grief miser, if you are grieving.

To get you in the walking mood, here is a picture I took yesterday of my lunchroom buddy.

Enjoy and get moving!


New Chapter And A Swinging Lunchroom

Today was the start of a new chapter in my life.

Instead of working with outdoor equipment, I am now in the executive relocation industry.

One of the biggest changes is the lunchroom. Instead of a lunchroom with cabinets, appliances, and vending machines, my lunchroom now looks like this…



because I am a short distance away from one of the Cleveland Metroparks.

Here are some of the scenic views I now have every day.



Red Frisbee Bend





After taking these pictures, I did something I have not done since childhood:




It felt wonderful to get out of the building and enjoy nature. I believe getting fresh air and some light exercise helped me retain at least some of what I learned yesterday morning.

New chapters in life are wonderful when you voluntarily choose the new chapter. This job opportunity was presented to me and I jumped at the chance to make a better life for Rommie and me.

Who knows what chapter will open next in my life – perhaps the dating chapter or the socializing with friends chapter.

My Wish For You

May you seize the new opportunities presented to you and may God bless you with a lunchroom just like mine.