Faithful Finish Lines: Michele’s Journey – Week 3 – Normal

I do not have much to say about last week which was week number 3 on this new journey.  A journey that feels normal, comfortable like a pair of broken-in shoes. It feels like I have been friends with this group of ladies for a long, long time. The bond has gotten that strong in just a few weeks.

There is no condemnation for slipping up and not exercising or eating right as we all have our moments where we slip and fall but we get back up and move forward learning what caused us to skip the afternoon glass of water and reach for a Pepsi instead.

We support, encourage and wholeheartedly cheer each other on. 


I’ve continued with the cucumber water, fruits and veggies and last week took notice of my protein intake. My favorite way of getting protein is having a slice or two of cheese from my cousin’s cheese house. My second favorite is Greek yogurt on top of my oatmeal with ground flaxseed meal. I usually top it with fruit such as a banana or blueberries.

Knee Update

My biggest accomplishment last week happened after I got my haircut at the mall. I walked 1/2 down the longest aisle off the main concourse. I was tempted to walk all the way but my goal was to stretch what my knee muscles could do and not push it too far.


I also got on the scale, which is something I do not believe in unless I am at the doctors, and was down 9 lbs from my last doctor’s visit back in September. I am not sure how much of that occurred during this program so far but I am betting at least 1/2 if not more can be attributed to Faithful Finish Lines.

Faithful Finish Lines is structured so making changes in your lifestyle is easy (at least I’ve found it easy), or maybe I’m finding it easy because God is part of this program – and that too seems normal and natural.

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Matthew 19:26

  • Thank you Sara for offering this program to those of us taking the 31 Days/5 Minute Freewrite Challenge.
  • Thank you Jill for giving us exercise tips and suggestions.
  • Thank you to my fellow group members for your prayers, friendship and fellowship during this journey.


*Disclaimer: I was given free access to the Faithful Finish Lines program with the promise in blogging about my experience. I am not receiving payment of any other form and the opinions are mine alone.

Weekend Wisdom: Be Not Offended

Here is a poem from the November 18th daily devotional in Streams In The Desert by L.B. Cowman; Edited by Jim Reimann. May it speak to your heart today and always.


Blessed is he whose faith is not offended

When all around his way

The power of God is working out deliverance

For others day by day;


Though in some prison dark his own soul does fail,

Till life itself be spent,

Yet still can trust His Father’s love and purpose

And rest therein content.


Blessed is he, who through long years of suffering

Not now from active toil,

Still shares by prayer and praise the work of others,

And thus “divides the spoil.”


Blessed are you, O child of God, who does suffer,

And cannot understand

The reason for your pain, yet will gladly leave

Thy life in His blest Hand.


Yes, blessed are you whose faith is “not offended”

By trials unexplained,

By mysteries unsolved, past understanding,

Until the goal is gained.


Freda Hanbury Allen

2 Ways To Help Grieving People This Holiday Season

The most wonderful time of the year is not so wonderful for people who are grieving. Here are two ways you can help grieving friends and family during the holidays

Show Up

Showing up is the easiest thing you can do to help someone grieving. There does come a time when friends (and sometimes family) go back to their normal life and loneliness sets in. It is a powerful and intense feeling easily curable by showing up.

I will let Anne Bogel of ModernMrsDarcy explain showing up. Her article reduced me to tears because not enough people believe in showing up. Here is the link to her article On Showing Up.


Drink Deep 

The second way you can help is to Drink Deep.

Steve Siler, of , and his fellow musicians and singers recorded an album entitled Drink Deep, A Musical Journey Through Grief. 

The songs on the CD accurately capture everything from getting the phone call:

This can’t be happening
Start this day over again


to the loneliness that sets in after everyone moves forward with their life:

After the crowds are gone
And the silence settles in
No more cards left in your mailbox
The phone no longer rings
The solitude will whisper
Tempting you to stay withdrawn
After the crowds are gone

After The Crowds Are Gone

to having good days again:

I laughed with a good friend
and was caught by surprise
to feel joy again
Today was a good day


and ends with Christ’s victory over death.

Death has been conquered
The victory won
Christ lives forever with God’s daughters and sons

Death Has Been Conquered

I never believed anyone could so accurately and beautifully capture the emotions of grief but Steve and fellow collaborators did that on Drink Deep.

I encourage you to purchase this beautiful 14 song album and share it with someone grieving so they will feel God’s love, comfort and encouragement this holiday season.

Also purchase a copy for yourself so you will better understand what happens when traveling through a grief journey.

Will you Drink Deep and show up for a grieving person this holiday season?

Additional Resource: 

Here is the link to my original article containing links to Chris Fabry’s interview with Steve about the album and about grief ambushes.


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