31 Days of Joy: Day 23 – In The Still Of The Night

The sun has slowly sunk in the western sky, enveloping the woods in darkness.

From somewhere in the woods I hear screeching – maybe a bat or an owl.

Other than that all is quiet this cool fall evening.

As I drink a cup of hot mint tea, I feel God and his peace, love and joy in the quiet stillness of this night.

Well it was a still night, till Rommie started running around the house with my stinky tennis shoe, desperately trying to find a place to bury it.

Now a hot bath and the latest edition of Better Homes and Garden are calling my name.

May you feel God’s peace, love and joy this fall evening – even if it is only for a few moments. Sometimes that’s all you need at the end of a long day.

Autumn Evening

Autumn Evening

31 Days of Joy: Day 22 – Joy in Patience

I’ve been reading Guideposts’ “Morning’s With Jesus 2012.” I never finished it 2 years ago and for some reason felt compelled to pick it up again. In her October 21st devotion, Erin Keeley Marshall wrote the following:

“He [God] often shows extreme patience in sending His answer because He loves us too much to let us settle for an incomplete one.” 

Wow!  That was an eye-opener for me.

Both yesterday and today I kept this thought in the back of my mind.

I certainly see waiting for His answer in a new light and it brings me joy to know my gracious, loving heavenly Father loves me so much that He will not settle for answering a prayer half-way.

May you see patience in a new light and may Erin’s statement resonate with you and help you be more patient.



31 Days of Joy: Day 21 – Honoring The Unemployed & Underemployed

Today I write to honor my fellow underemployed/unemployed friends, family, acquaintances and those whom I will never know.

An change in job status will test even a person with a strong faith. It is a grueling journey. You have 4 – 6 weeks to find a job before society looks at you as a worthless, unemployable person. Their attitude is “There must be something wrong with you since you can not find a job.”

Then there are those who believe that since you are a Christian, you must not feel defeated. You must cheerfully skip through each day like a 5 year old without a care in the world because the Lord will provide.

To the people who believe that I cheerfully say:

Bah! Humbug!

God grows you through trials and tribulations. God uses those times of despair to strengthen you. We are not called to be perpetually chipper people. We are called to live a full life and that includes going through the valley of the shadow of death, divorce, unemployment and other trials so we can grow into the person God knows we can be.

So to the men who stock tampons at Walmart and point customers to the condoms, to the women who are cashiering in hardware stores even though they are all thumbs when it comes to hammering a nail, to all the unemployed who are learning how to write resumes and learning how to network -

I honor you for your valiant efforts. I pray:

  • You use this time to learn new skills.
  • You find joy in unemployment/underemployment.
  • You grow in your faith during this time.
  • Our loving and gracious Father bestows enough manna for your daily needs.


12 Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.

Now I must go chase the golden bandit (retriever) running through the house with the stinky pair of hose I threw on the floor.

Wishing you a day filled with joy,



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