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Today’s article includes a special Bible Journaling introductory offer from my friend Sara Borgstede of The Holy Mess. The links are affiliate links, so I will receive commission when you purchase the kit.

How To Linger Longer

Bible journaling is all the rage right now.  It is a way to linger longer in God’s word while you pray, meditate or just zone out. I wish it was popular when Joe passed as it might have got me to spend more time in the Bible instead of throwing it on the floor. 

Some people are good at lingering in the Bible and there are those of us who need help as our minds do more wondering than the Israelite’s.

My Holy Mess Bible

My sister and I were always good about doodling on bulletins in church when we were kids. Well it’s time to take a trip down memory lane and draw in my Bible.

Here is what I’ve done in margin of the page for Matthew 15:


Yes, I doodled a vine with leaves and fruit in my English Standard Version Bible. If you can’t tell, I did it freehand instead of using a template. Needless to say, I did not inherit Dad’s ability to draw.        😉


All you  really need are:

  • Pen and / or Pencil
  • Bible.

That is it. You do not need a journaling Bible (wide margins) and any Bible will do. My Bible does not have wide margins but there is enough room to draw.

I also use highlighter too find favorite verses faster.

You will find an article from Bible journaling expert Rebecca Rios regarding her  recommended list of basic supplies on my friend Sara’s site The Holy Mess.  

Sara’s Kit

Image may contain: text

Sara’s kit contains pages of drawings that you can trace, verse cards to color, but most importantly it contains a Bible reading plan designed to help you Trust in the Lord. Most Bible journaling kits do not contain a reading plan and this is what I believe makes Sara’s kit stand out from the rest.

I met Sara over 2 years ago when started Faithful Finish Lines online fitness program. She is a pastor’s wife and a Mom to 5 children. She has a strong faith in God and I have complete faith and trust in anything product she creates and offers. Sara is one of my inner circle friends and a might prayer warrior.

I am using the Bible reading plan but not the other pages as my printer is on life support. (UGH! just want I need, something else to break.) I will get it printed off at my local library and share pictures of my pages with you.


Here is my affiliate link to purchase Sara’s Trust In The Lord Bible Journaling kit (Regularly $21.00 on sale through 6/27 for $18.00)

This link will take you to the Facebook group so you can join the party going on this week. You will get access to awesome resources, support, give-aways, expert advice, and more. There is something going on every day starting today and ending on June 27th (except for Sunday 6/25).

Finally, here is a link to a Bible Journal giveaway Sara is doing. You are going to fall in love with this Bible. It is

A Golden Benefit

When my commission from kit sales reaches a $100.00 then 24% of everything will be donated to Golden Retrievers In Need (G.R.I.N). This the organization Joe and I were members of when we fostered Rommie’s cousins. For 25 years G.R.I.N. has been rescuing and rehoming golden retrievers – 3,603 is the current total.

Why 24%? In honor of our wedding 24 years ago (June 19th, 1993).

Thank You

Thank you for your support. May the Lord bless you with lots of joy, love, hugs and sloppy wet kisses.

Bio: Michele Kearns is the founder and HUG© (Hope Unites Globally) Award-Winner of JoyReturns. She shares her widowhood adventures hoping to encourage widows to move through grief and rebuild their lives by seizing new opportunities. A graduate of Kent State University with a Bachelor’s degree in communications, she’s used those skills while working as a call center team leader, facilitating a grief support group and helping small businesses with various writing and administrative assignments. Michele is a bookworm, lover of golden retrievers and an amateur photographer. You can view her photographs at because one blog is not enough.




An Update on Rebuilding My Life


Today is the 24th Anniversary of becoming a Kearns.

There are no big plans, just going to the grocery store and maybe a Dairy Queen Blizzard. (Joe loved their Blizzard cakes) It will be a very quiet day.

What Started My Journey

This idea started last month when I looked at what has happened the past few years. My life has gone down hill considerably. Now it is time to turn my life around once and for all. The goal is to have a better life by 6/19/2018 – the 25 anniversary of my joining the Kearns family.

A Word About Anniversaries

June 19th is still the anniversary of when Joe and I got married. It always will be. He is not here to celebrate it and because he is in heaven and we are no longer married. But that is no reason not to honor and remember the day we became one.

The 8 Key Areas

The 8 key areas of my life are Mental Self, Physical Self, Family/Friends, Physical Surroundings, Career, Finances, Hobbies / Fun, and Romance / Significant Other. It is going to take a lot of work over the next 12 months to turn 7 out of the 8 around.

Romance / Significant Other is completely up to God and has been for years. Men my age have never found me attractive (Joe was 4 years younger). It’s always been the older, married men that are attractive to me. So I am not actively seeking another boyfriend or spouse.

The 2 Areas Getting Back On Track 

The areas that started turning around recently are career and finances. I started a virtual call center job in mid-May so the the paychecks are coming in, which means the bills are starting to be paid again. There has been no income since mid-March when unemployment ran out.

Physical Surroundings are also being worked on as I am in the middle of remodeling the spare bedroom into an office. It will be painted Sherwin-Williams “Relish” green with Cool White trim and accents.

In my research I discovered green reduces glare and is the perfect color for call centers as it makes it easier to work long hours. In order to get career and finances back to normal, I will have to work a lot of hours.

So those are the areas of my life currently under major construction.

The area under minor construction is mental self (includes religion). I need to ramp up the rebuilding of this area.

Well that is all for now. Come back next month when I will have more to report and hopefully pictures of my personal call center.



June 19th, 1993


You will always have a piece of my heart Joe. Have fun partying in heaven today. 


(Coming Wednesday – Bible Journaling special offer and a giveaway.)

52 Bible Verses for a Joy Filled Year – Week 25

Happy Father’s Day!

There will no celebration with my biological father or step-father today since they both reside in heaven. However, I will honor and celebrate my heavenly father because He is my Father and chose my 2 earthly fathers for me.

Whether or not you are a father to human or fur kids, enjoy your special day and find rest in God today and everyday.

May we all find rest and hope in our heavenly Father this week and forevermore.


Yes, my soul, find rest in God;
    my hope comes from him.

Psalm 62:5



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Coming tomorrow an update on my turning my life around before 6/19/2018.

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