**Available Till 4/30/14** Welcome To The (Slide) Show!

Welcome to my Slideshow page.

This page is available for your viewing pleasure until April 30th, 2014 when Slideshare will convert my creations to non-musical presentations.  Slideshare is eliminating the ability to sync presentations to music. 

Until then…ENJOY! 

These are links to the various slideshows that have appeared as posts on this site.  I used Powerpoint and then uploaded the presentations to Slideshare.net and set them to music. 

However, I found that when transferring the slideshows from Slideshare.net to WordPress, the synching is lost. 


Kick-off of the “5 Thank You’s A Day 30 Day Challenge”

Finger-Snapping Slideshow

Prayer & Bouquet Slideshow

Work of the Winter Wizards

All photographs were taken by and the property of Michele R. Kearns


"Express Yourself"

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