Rommie & Michele’s Backyard Safari Adventures – Invasion! (Part 2)

Last week’s post, dealt with the squirrel that invaded Rommie’s backyard but she was too busy with her tennis balls to notice.  I figured the squirrel was a spy.  Well, now we know who the squirrel was spying for – the groundhog!

He invaded the yard a few days after the squirrel.  In fact he was back a couple days ago. (more on that later)

Here he is looking up at the sliding door, checking to see is Rommie is around.

“Hmm, where is that crazy golden?”

Here he is contemplating whether or not he should run from the paparazzi     😉

“Should I or Shouldn’t I”

“Between the threat from the golden and from the paparazzi – I’m out of here!”

“See Ya!”


Rommie’s BFF, the beagle next door, killed a ground hog last weekend.  Rommie and I thought it was the same one who invaded our yard, but we found out this past Thursday it was not.  Our groundhog came back.  He was in his spot just below the little hill when Rommie and I came home from the vet.

I did my normal thing and let Rommie out.  As she was going potty, she looked back at me and then towards the fence. It was only then that I saw our groundhog.  Uh Oh,    “Danger, Will Robinson!”

Sure enough Rommie took off and cornered him by the gate.  I was yelling at Rommie to back off.  I could just see her getting scratched  and us having to make another trip to the vet.

She finally back off a little and he backed up and slide out under the gate.   Whew!  Emergency vet bill avoided.  That was close!

Next Week

Stay tuned for the further backyard safari adventures of Rommie & Michele.