“Drink Deep” A Musical Journey Through Grief by Steve Siler; Chris Fabry Interview

My friend and GriefShare Co-Facilitator Gina, sent me links thinking they would be good to share with you. However, the stats provided by WordPress indicate my readers do not click on links to other websites.

So I have some reservations about publishing this post but decided the information is too good not to share.

It is my prayer that you will click on the links whether or not you are grieving, and listen to Chris Fabry’s program on Moody Radio with Steve Siler of

Hour #1

This link will take you to hour #1 of Chris Fabry’s January 2nd show which is an interview with Steve about his album entitled “Drink Deep”.   The album chronicles a journey through grief starting with finding out about someone’s death and ending with the victory we have through Christ.

The title song is about dealing with grief by drinking deep, or as we say in “Griefshare” – leaning into grief.

Drink deep of the sorrow
Drink deep of the pain
Don’t let anybody tell you
to get out of the rain
This is your cup
and you’re the one who has to drink
Though the taste may go down bitterly
Drink deep

Experiencing a deep drink of grief, expands your capacity for joy because once you know life’s bitter taste you have a greater appreciation for it’s sweet nectar.

Hour #2

This link will take you to hour #2 of Chris’s program which is about being ambushed by grief. Chris plays “Ambush” from “Drink Deep” and take calls from listener’s dealing with ambushes.

My Favorites

I purchased Steve’s album, downloaded it and listened to it in one sitting. I did not do anything else, no writing, cooking, or playing with Rommie.  I just sat and listened, enjoying every song and the emotions so beautifully captured by Steve and the other writers and singers who were apart of the project. 

While I love every song on the album, my favorites are “Every Single Tear” which is about God comforting you.

“Your heart is what he hears
When the world just hears you crying”

What a beautiful thought.

My other favorite is “Death Has Been Conquered” which is about Christ’s victory over death.

Not Grieving?

Don’t think this CD or interview is not for you if you are not grieving. “Drink Deep” will teach you about a grief journey. You will better understand a grieving person after listening to this CD.

Thank You

Thank you to Steve Siler, for a beautiful album.

Thank you Chris Fabry for not only doing a show about grief but making it your first one of the year.

Thank you Gina Koch for sending me the links to the show and the lyrics.

Are You Willing To “Drink Deep?”

Please visit Music For The Soul and either read the lyrics, download or order the “Drink Deep” CD. Then share this site with a grieving person. After all, music is the universal language that soothes the savage beast and grief is a savage beast. 

(Disclaimer – all links are non-affiliate links so I receive no compensation.)

40 Days of Joy

Message In A Grocery Cart

Yesterday I was at the grocery store getting the ingredients for the cherry cheesecake tarts and the pumpkin chiffon pie.

As I put the groceries in my car, I noticed a 4 x 6 index card in the bottom of the shopping cart.  This was the message:

“Merry Christmas! May love, peace and abundance be yours this Christmas and in the New Year.”

What a lovely way to be like Ralph Waldo Emerson and “Scatter Joy” through out the holiday season. Most people would assume it was a grocery list left by the previous shopper. When they pick up the card to throw it away, they find the message.

The cards could be tied to balloons, left on windshields, or left behind on a table in the mall’s food court. There are so many ways this message could be scattered around town.  One never knows the impact a little gesture could have on a person.

Who knows how many people saw that card yesterday.  Hopefully it brought some comfort and joy to them. I know other people saw the card, because I left it in the grocery cart.

I was not about to hog that message all for myself.