Michele’s In The News Again, Continuing to “Storm The Bastille”

As some of you know, I belong to Golden Retrievers In Need. (a.k.a. G.R.I.N.)  The September/October issue of our newsletter was published last Friday.  Here is the article about me that went out to our members.

This is my second wave of “Storming The Bastille.” (my 2012 mantra)

The first wave was the CBC Magazine article.

Meet G.R.I.N. Member, Positive Thinker Michele Kearns

By Susan Spisak

We recognize other members when we run into them at the G.R.I.N. events such as the annual picnic, The Golden Gala, or
maybe at a fundraising table at a local pet store. But how well do we know these people without their dogs? Meet member Michele
Kearns, a gal who knows the power of prayer and positive thinking.

Michele is a sales rep for Tastefully Simple, and would gladly host a party for members. She’s also a celebrity these days; Cleveland Business Connects Magazine writer, Pamela J. Willits, featured her in the September 2012 article, Wellness Inside/Out | Widow Finds Hope And Joy In Blogging (Here’s the link: http://www.cbcmagazine.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=500&Itemid=82). 

It outlines Michele’s struggle with the 2008 death of her husband, Joe, and how she deals with her own grief by helping others through her inspirational blog, JoyReturns.com. It’s been so well received she’s even won several awards: the Very Inspiring Blogger, the WordPress Versatile Blogger, and the Hope Unites Globally.

Michele’s blogging mission as stated on her website is to:

“Change people’s perception of widows. Support & encourage other widows. Accomplish by: Being proof joy returns & educate people by sharing my adventures.”

Hand in hand with this is her encouraging newsletter, Joyful Jems, which is available by subscription on her blog. She also has a sister site, http://ogleohio.com/, where she posts pictures of the great state of Ohio that she knows is out there, the one seen through her eyes.

According to Michele, Golden Rommie’s been instrumental in her healing.

“I told her Daddy was not coming home…I told her we would be okay, I didn’t know how, but we would be okay. She laid down next to me with her head between her paws and let out this huge sigh. Instantly my heart broke into a gazillion more pieces. It is as if she understood every word I said… Rommie’s attitude became ‘Dad might be gone but I still have Mom…So while Rommie is not a G.R.I.N. dog, she is a rescue dog as she rescued me. Having her gave me a reason to get out of bed.”