Bye, Bye To My Slideshow Page

As some of you know, I create slideshows by setting my pictures to music. I do this using the Slidecast feature on the website SlideShare.  However it is tricky at times as their syncing tool is not as easy to use as it could be. Then when I upload a completed Slideshow to the blog, the music is off by a few seconds, thus defeating all the time spent getting the pictures and music synced.

The other day I received an email from SlideShare stating the ability to add music to presentations is going away. February 28th will be the last day I can create a Slideshow. On April 30th, all Slideshows will be converted to non-musical presentations.

I will miss my favorite – the “Finger-Snapping Slideshow”, which made my friend Jeff Nichwitz’s day. The pictures were taken a few years ago on  the first beautiful day we had several weeks of rain.  With out the snappy music they will be just a nice set of pictures and not put anyone in a be-boppin’ mood.

Oh well, that’s life. It changes and we must change with it. 

So hop on over to “Welcome To The (Slide) Show! page and enjoy the musical presentations before I delete the page.