Weekend Wisdom: 5 Thank You’s

This weekend was going to a “Gooseberry Patch” weekend in honor of the release of “Hometown Christmas: Remember Christmas at home with our newest collection of festive recipes, merrymaking tips and warm holiday memories (Seasonal Cookbook Collection)[Hardcover].


However, I felt it was more appropriate to write about the kick-off of Lisa Ryan’s second annual “5 Thank You’s a Day Gratitude Challenge.”

As part of the challenge, you can list 5 things per day you are grateful for so here is what I am grateful for today.

I am thankful the firemen killed in yesterday’s hotel fire in Houston were:

  • born
  • brought joy to the people whose lives they touched
  • possessed compassion for their fellow man; so much so they would search a burning building for trapped people.

I am thankful for the medical personnel in the field and hospital who treated the wounded.

I am thankful for the police who do whatever they need to do in these circumstances.

I am thankful for the companies who make the equipment used by firefighters.

I am thankful for my brother-in-law (a fire chief) and paternal grandfather (a volunteer fire fighter) and for their years of service.


Thank you to firefighters and police for keeping all the hometowns in America safe.

God bless you and your families.