Movin’ & Groovin’ Monday – I Know I Love You

(Author’s note:  Welcome to those of you stopping by from WordPress’s Blogging 101 and/or Writing 101 Challenge.  

JoyReturns is about my adventures through widowhood which includes unemployment and underemployment. Unemployment started 1 year after my husband Joe’s passing.  

Monday’s are not good days to contact people about anything career related.  It is a day for planning your week and endorsing your LinkedIn connections.  

Monday’s are the start of another lonely week for those traveling through grief.  They have to go into work and act like they are alright when they are hurting inside. 

So the “cure” to the grief and unemployment blues…become a dancing machine!  (Disco is one of my joys in life.) That is what Movin’ and Groovin’ Monday is all about – shaking off life’s negativity and getting pumped up to take on the week.)

More David Cassidy and “Family”

C’mon…after last week  you know I had to have you dancing to this song. Now get up and get movin’ and groovin’ so you can tackle whatever journey you are on this week.

During the week remember – I KNOW I love you my dear readers.


Movin’ and Groovin’ Monday – “C’mon Get Happy!”

Movin’ and Groovin’ Mondays are back.  The goal is to get you in the mood to take on the week whether you are on a grief, unemployment or another one of life’s nasty journeys.

So get dancing and then go spread a little love everywhere you go this week.


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United We Stand?

There is so much hatred and animosity towards one another now-a-days.  People are so irritable and cranky.  When did we get to be like this?  Was it when the economy went into recession?  Why must we be so divided?

Why must it be:

  • Atheists vs Christians
  • Republican against Democrat
  • Homosexual against Heterosexual
  • Neighbor vs. Neighbor and on and on and on and on and on…

I remember the song “United We Stand” by Brotherhood of Man.  Click on the link and really listen with your heart.  Listen how effortlessly they are united when singing.  Why are we not able to achieve the same effortless unity today with our fellow citizens?

Some might say this song is too schmaltzy.  Well, I believe this country needs a HUGE dose of schmaltz right now.  Whether it is from Brotherhood of Man, Barry Manilow, or the Partridge Family.

So come on get united and get happy!