Time Machines, Anywhere Doors and Invisibility Helmets – Oh My!

Linking with WordPress’ Daily Post prompt.  My local electronics store has started selling time machines, anywhere doors and invisibility helmets. Which one do I choose?

Well, I’m a widow so I already have an invisibility helmet according to most of society, so no need for that (trust me, invisibility stinks).

I would choose a time machine and go back to have a chat with my 17 year old self. Well it would not be a “chat” so much as giving her instructions. Hopefully she would obey in order to be better prepared to face widowhood and unemployment as well as life in general.

I would tell her,

“The devil tried to strangle you at birth with your umbilical cord, and he just tried again last year by wrapping your thyroid gland around your windpipe. Unfortunately, he is not done trying to strangle you.

I am unable to tell you how he will try again or when, but he will. In order to survive and thrive you will need the following:

  • your flute – turn it into a side business and keep in touch with your clients throughout the years. (networking)
  • your Bible –  read your Bible. Immerse yourself in God’s truth.
  • your writing – yes, you heard me right, your writing. Minor in writing in college. I know you hate your casual writing style but write anyway. Take all the writing courses you can.
  • your camera – yes my dear, you have an eye for photography. You do not see the world as “normal” people see it. Instead you see pictures everywhere because you look at life from all angles and viewpoints.

Finally, Love abundantly and without abandon, Live life to the fullest, Laugh loud and long and make Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s How Do I Love Thee your poem for life and Storm The Bastille! your motto, even though you are not of French descent.”

That is what I would tell her.  For there are days where widowhood and unemployment feel like slow suffocation.

But then there are days where I feel like I have all the opportunity in the world laid out before my feet.

I just need to go seize it.


Now off to practice my flute so when the time comes to move to a nursing home, in a few decades, I can cruise around in an electric wheelchair serenading bed-ridden people.


(for the record, I am an American whose ancestors came from Germany and Scotland.)




To Blog Or Not To Blog

Today’s WordPress Daily Prompt is:

If you had to choose between being able to write a blog (but not read others’) and being able to read others’ blogs (but not write your own), which would you pick? Why?

This is an easy choice for me. I would choose to write my own but not be able to read others.

I love reading other blogs such as:

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However, God whispered the words “Widows Website” into my ear early one morning, so doing the blogging must be my priority.

My blogging was put on the back burner several weeks ago. I must return to doing what God called me to do. By encouraging and educating others I am serving those in need and that is what life is all about – serving.

For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

Mark  10:45


The Oldest Thing I Own – Not Including Myself

The answer to this topic was not obvious when I read my email from WordPress’ “The Daily Prompt” last week.  I thought I had an answer but now I am not so sure.

My First Thought

My first thought was the red, orange and yellow glass vase. Each color blends into the other and is wrapped with burgundy horizontal lines reminiscent of twine.

Mom found this vase after cleaning out Uncle Odie’s house after he moved to heaven. Various relatives had custody of the vase through the years and then one day the vase moved in with me.  The vase then became known as “Uncle Odie.”  No matter where we lived, he was displayed in a prominent place.

My “Uncle Odie” and I have lived in Texas and Ohio.  Once day Mom’s cousin “D” asked her what happened to that ugly old vase from Odie’s.  Mom said “It is in Texas with Michele.”  Cousin “D” was surprised to find it was still around and that someone wanted it.

Then one day “Uncle Odie” and I moved back to Ohio in hopes of making a fresh start after the savings and loan I worked for went belly-up.  We did find our fresh start back here in Ohio with Joe.

“Uncle Odie” looked great sitting on the entertainment center when Joe and I lived in our apartment, because we had Mom and Dad #2’s orange couch and love seat with dark brown wood arms.

Through the years he has been dressed up with bandanas to coincide with Christmas and Easter.  Silk daisies, roses, fall foliage have over-flowed from him throughout the years.

“Uncle Odie”  and his wonderful citrus colors are now on top of my china cabinet so he is out of this klutz’s way. It would be just my luck that he would break and I would find out “Uncle Odie” was my rich uncle.

After deciding “Uncle Odie” was the oldest thing I owned, I remembered my maternal grandmother’s cedar chest.  It dates back to the 1920’s and I do not know the age of “Uncle Odie” but I suspect he is at least as old as “Grandma.”


Joe and I got “Grandma” when we moved into our apartment shortly before our marriage.  She is about 3 feet long reddish in color with brass plates on the front and back panels in the bottom corners.  She also has brass lock and hinges.

When Grandma had the chest it was at the end of the bed in the guest room and held various blankets.  When it moved in with Joe and me it served as a coffee table.  Now it is in the little nook area of my living room and contains afghans and comforters.  On top of it is the case that holds the flag which draped Dad’s urn at his funeral. There are also various family pictures and a white silk orchid flower arrangement next to the flag case.

Once Rommie moves in with Joe, “Grandma” will once again become a coffee table. For now, Rommie needs the space on the blue, multi-colored floral rug to roll around on.  I like to think she is practicing her snow angel making technique, but I think she is just using the rug as a napkin.

Those are the two oldest things I own.  Although I get the feeling I missed something – oh yes, the corner cupboard in the living room.   😉