“Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow”

It’s About To Get Frightful

Well Christmas is over.  Now it is time for the snow at least if you live in Ohio.  Winter storm warning and blizzard warnings are out starting at 7 a.m. local time Wednesday morning.  Anywhere from 6-12 inches is expected by noon Thursday with parts of Ohio getting over a  foot.  Rommie and I will see at least a foot of snow by noon on Thursday.

Storm Survival?

Santa stopped over yesterday with a bottle of Canadian Black Velvet Whiskey.  He said to pour it into my morning tea.  Never thought of putting whiskey in my morning tea.  What a way to survive a winter storm.  (Santa was my neighbor.)

More Chaos

Despite the winter chaos coming, I need to get the starter on my car fixed.  Ye-Haw!  The starter quit on Sunday.  No place is open Christmas Eve to get a vehicle fixed.  So guess who spent the day at home yesterday.  Yes, it was Rommie and I.  No Christmas with the In-Laws who live an hour away.  Guess it was a good thing because if the car started and I got over there, it might not have started when it was time to come home.  This is the first time I had to cancel going over for Christmas and I feel sick to my stomach about it.

So hopefully every one had a blessed Christmas and enjoyed lots of wonderful food and great times with family and friends.  If you are in Ohio, get out the sleigh because it’s time for a “Sleigh Ride.” (John Williams & The Boston Pops)  Ah, it brings back memories of high school band.