Swingin’ Summer Saturday’s and Sunday’s – Extended Edition Some Favorite Recipes


Sorry for the late post but I stayed up to watch Mitt Romney’s speech last night.  Plus my sinus’ indicate the remains of Issac are on the way.  So between the two, I am a moving a little slow today.  But at least I am moving!

Michele and Rommie’s Labor Day Weekend Plans

Rommie and I are going to be reading, writing and doing research this weekend.

So I am going to finish off the Swingin’ Summer Saturday’s and Sunday’s with a few of my favorite recipes I’ve published since starting this blog.

Recipe #1

Today’s recipe was published last December during the “40 Days of Joy” series.  It is not only a great dip but a good source of fiber.

I will be making it this weekend.


Feta, Beans & Champagne – Oh My!

JT’s Easy Dip Recipe

(from the kitchen of JT O'Donnell)


  • Two small cans of white beans.
  • One bottle of Girard’s Champagne Vinaigrette Salad Dressing. (Available at Marc’s if you live in Ohio)
  • A container of crumbled feta cheese.


  • Drain cans of beans completely (no liquid) and then puree the white beans in a blender.
  • Slowly add the Girard’s dressing (about 1/2 bottle) until its smooth and creamy.
  • Fold in the 1/2 have container of feta cheese.
  • Pour dip in a bowl.
  • Sprinkle remaining feta cheese on top.
  • Shake a few dashes of your favorite spices (basil, paprika) on top for color.
  • Serve with pita chips!

Michele’s Notes

I made the dip this afternoon.  It is easy and yummy!  You cannot go wrong fixing this for your holiday get togethers.

I used Navy beans since there were no cans labeled “white” beans.  After mentioning this to JT, I found out the beans are Cannellini.

Also I topped it with Tastefully Simple’s “Spinach and Herb” dip mix for color.


Bean, Feta & Champagne Vinaigrette Dip w/Pita Chips


Swingin’ Summer Saturday’s & Sunday’s – The Only Queso Recipe You’ll Ever Need

One of the first things I learned upon moving to Texas years and years ago, was how to make queso (a.k.a. cheese dip).  This is the recipe that was given to me and can also be found inside the Velveeta cheese package.


1 log Velveeta cheese (it melts better than a hunk of cheddar)

1 can Ro-tel Diced Tomato’s and Green Chilies



Pour the Ro-tel into crock pot.  Cut Velveeta into cubes and put in crock pot.  Turn crock pot to low.  Let melt stirring occasionally.  Once melted keep it on low and spoon over a plate full of tortilla chips.

Beef It Up

Brown 1 lb ground sausage while the Ro-tel and Velveeta are melting.  Once the ground sausage is browned, add it to the dip and stir.  Let the deep continue to cook over low heat until the sausage is heated through.

Spoon over chips and enjoy with your favorite cold beverage.

P.S.  It is good to have the ingredients on hand during winter as this makes a great dish when you have a cold.   Add 2 cans Ro-tel to clear out the congestion.

It also makes a great filling for omelette.






Rainbow Coincidence?

Swingin’ Summer Saturdays and Sundays is taking a break this weekend.

Late yesterday afternoon we had thunderstorms.  During the storm the sun came out and was shining very, very brightly.  Well, you know what happens when rain and sunshine mix. Yes, – rainbows!

I have always loved rainbows but my love for them deepened in 2008, the first summer after Joe moved to heaven.  There were lots and lots of rainbows that summer.  I took them as reassurance everything was going to be alright.

Yesterday’s rainbow was tall, wide and very bright. I only got good pictures of the north and south end but none of the middle.

Oh, and yesterday was also the 1 year anniversary of my father’s move to heaven.  So was the rainbow a coincidence?

“North End of Rainbow”
“South End of Rainbow”