Do You Have The Guts To Become An Ally?

Since you are readers of a blog that discusses grief, widowhood and extended unemployment, then I know you have the guts to become an ally –

an ally to the unemployed.

My friend of many years,  J.T. O’Donnell, runs Careerealism.com and CareerHMO.com.  She launched the Job Search Accelerator Program (JSAP) last fall. It has helped many people get jobs.

However, it can not be given away for free.  So J.T. launched an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to give 100 people JSAP scholarships.  She needs your help to meet her goal.   This is the link to the Careerealism Ally article about the campaign and links to:




and Donna’s stories.   

Once you read about them, please go to Indiegogo site and give them and other unemployed people a helping hand.

It is tough being out of work.  I know and I vow to never turn my back on either a widow or unemployed person.  I will find a way to help, even if it is just an encouraging email.

You Are Next

In this economy, it can very easily be you in the unemployment line.

Wouldn’t you want someone to help you?

Then help someone else now because you reap what you sow in this life.  So go sow some good at Indiegogo.

I did a couple of weeks ago.


Don’t think that because you are in England, India, or elsewhere around the world you are exempt from helping.  There are plenty of people from all over the world that attend Office Hours daily.  Office Hours is an online chat where J.T. answers questions from those in the program.  Her advice applies no matter where you live.