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Rommie & Michele’s Backyard Safari Adventure – It’s Spring!

Hi everyone!  Mom might not have words for blog posts but I do.

Today it was in the 60’s, if not warmer.  That means one thing – It’s Spring!  Just because we lost an hour of sleep last night did not stop me from playing today.

So here’s to Spring!  May it be filled with lots of joy.


Rommie & Michele’s Backyard Safari Adventure – Michele Loses Rommie’s Balls

Good Monday Morning.   Hopefully everyone had a fantastic weekend. There is another special post over at OgleOhio.com today

Yesterday’s Adventure

Our adventure yesterday was playing tennis outside and setting up Rommie’s swimming pool.  We played for about an hour and then came in because of the heat.  Rommie does have 2 fur coats and running around in 80+ degree weather makes for  a very hot dog.


It was during our playtime that I put not one but 2 tennis balls in the woods behind the fence.  When balls go over the fence, I use Joe’s ball retriever to get them back.   They are apparently buried in bushes because I could not see them.  I did however see one of Joe’s golf balls.  It under some vines but still visible.

What This Means

My getting two balls over the fence today means Rommie only has 7 balls to play with instead of 9, poor baby.           😉

Rommie spent the rest of the afternoon zonked out on either the couch or the hardwood floor.  She even slept 22 minutes past dinner time.  Normally she pesters me to feed her 4o minutes early.

Labor Day Weekend

We are going to plan for a great labor day weekend.  So next Monday’s post will be the last Rommie & Michele’s Backyard Safari Adventure for this summer.

Have a great week everyone and stay safe this coming weekend.

Coming  Tomorrow:  Michele’s Reformation – So big it takes up both JoyReturns and OgleOhio.com

Rommie & Michele’s Backyard Safari Adventure – HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!

Rommie was 10 yrs old yesterday.  

Her birthday weekend started off Friday, with a trip to the groomers.  She loves the people, tolerates her bath, but HATES the blow-dryer.   The groomer removed those mean nasty nozzles and put the blower on low.  After that Rommie was fine with the blow-dryer.

After we got home, we played a round of tennis and then I went to the grocery store.  When I got back this is what I found.

Nap Time

Rommie zonked out on the couch!

Then she realized Mom was home so that means –

Belly Rub Time

rub my belly!  Rommie just loves her belly rubs.

Saturday Night Dinner

She got a little less of her fish and sweet potato dog food than normal.  However, CHICKEN replaced what she did not get in dog food.  I made the chicken in the crock pot and it come out nice and tender.  She did her normal tap dancing as I put the chicken in her dish.

Sunday – Actual Birthday

Her birthday started off with a bang – literally as a thunderstorm rolled through at midnight.  She jumped on my bed and slept with me until the coast was all clear.  Not sure what time she got down to go sleep on her bed.

I made sure we got plenty of play time in with the tennis balls this afternoon.  The morning was rainy off and on but the sun shone bright this afternoon.

Dinner was her normal food as all the chicken is gone – for now.

My Wish

Then after more play time, I went to get some ice cream at Dairy Queen.  Hopefully during the time I was gone, God allowed Daddy, Grandpa B., Uncle B., and Grandma & Grandpa Q. to come visit and wish her Happy Birthday.

While she has adjusted well to these family members not being in her life anymore, I know she misses them.  So that is why on special occasions God will allow them to come back and spend a little time with her.

My Golden Girl

Words can never accurately explain how much she means to me.  God worked through her to get me out of bed in the mornings that first  year without Joe.  Yes, we got her from a breeder but God knew she was what we needed.


You are my golden girl. 

Love Mommie. 

Rommie & Michele’s Backyard Safari Adventures – Alien Invasion

(Author’s note:  Given the events of this past weekend, I was not sure if I wanted to publish this today.  The new series I have been working on since last Thursday afternoon, “Advice To A New Widow”, was not ready for publication.  So I decided to go ahead and post this adventure because we need moments of levity and laughter even during troubled times.  Laughter is just as healing as tears.)

Alien Invasion

One morning last week, Rommie started barking.  I told her to be quiet.  Well she just would not quit barking.   An alien had drifted down from outer space and invaded our neighbors yard.  Rommie was having a major fit.

Here is Rommie cautiously approaching the alien

“Slowly Approaching The Alien”

Then very, very cautiously first contact is made with the alien invader

“Hello There Mr. Green Mylar Balloon”
“You Moved!, I better back off”

Yep!  A green mylar balloon had Rommie all upset.  She was barking and so skittish.  She breathed a sigh of relief when I went and got Joe’s ball retriever and used it to get the balloon over the fence and into the trash.

Here is your close encounter with the green alien.

“Happy Birthday”

What is a silly balloon to us, was a serious threat to her.  She is and always has been a great watchdog, for which I am very thankful.


Rommie & Michele’s Backyard Safari Adventure – “Loveshack”


Happy Monday to everyone.  It’s Rommie writing today’s adventure post.

This weekend Mom decided to work on the little corner of my backyard where she heck-bend on creating a “Loveshack.”  Actually she intends on using it as a quiet place to read books, devotions, pray and just relax from our various safari adventures.  Now if she thinks I am going to let her “sit” (pun intended) and read, well bahahahahahahahaha!   The only form of recreation in my backyard, is Mom throwing me my tennis balls   😉


She bought 6 bags of red lava  and put in the little flower bed along the house.  Then she put the geraniums (or what’s left of them) on top of the lava.  She did not put lava under the lilac bush at the end of the bed because she is not sure the lilac bush will stay there.  It might get relocated to another section of the backyard.


Here are pictures of what Mom accomplished today.  She wanted to do more but it is hot 82 degrees and very, very muggy today.  We are suppose to get storms but so far nothing but teeny-tiny little blips on the radar.

“Hot Pink Geraniums”
“Lava Bed”
“Distressed Vinyl Chair”


“Spoon Tree With White Rabbit”

There you have it, the humble start to Mom’s “Loveshack.”  Stay tuned, who knows what else Mom has planned.

Love, Hugs and Sloppy Wet Kisses,



Critter Update

By the way, not only is the groundhog still invading my yard, but now he has brought his friend the bunny rabbit.  Don’t worry, I chase them out making certain they know this is my yard.


Rommie & Michele’s Backyard Safari Adventures – Invasion! (Part 2)

Last week’s post, dealt with the squirrel that invaded Rommie’s backyard but she was too busy with her tennis balls to notice.  I figured the squirrel was a spy.  Well, now we know who the squirrel was spying for – the groundhog!

He invaded the yard a few days after the squirrel.  In fact he was back a couple days ago. (more on that later)

Here he is looking up at the sliding door, checking to see is Rommie is around.

“Hmm, where is that crazy golden?”

Here he is contemplating whether or not he should run from the paparazzi     😉

“Should I or Shouldn’t I”

“Between the threat from the golden and from the paparazzi – I’m out of here!”

“See Ya!”


Rommie’s BFF, the beagle next door, killed a ground hog last weekend.  Rommie and I thought it was the same one who invaded our yard, but we found out this past Thursday it was not.  Our groundhog came back.  He was in his spot just below the little hill when Rommie and I came home from the vet.

I did my normal thing and let Rommie out.  As she was going potty, she looked back at me and then towards the fence. It was only then that I saw our groundhog.  Uh Oh,    “Danger, Will Robinson!”

Sure enough Rommie took off and cornered him by the gate.  I was yelling at Rommie to back off.  I could just see her getting scratched  and us having to make another trip to the vet.

She finally back off a little and he backed up and slide out under the gate.   Whew!  Emergency vet bill avoided.  That was close!

Next Week

Stay tuned for the further backyard safari adventures of Rommie & Michele.