Does Age Matter In a Romantic Relationship?

Back in my 20’s, I dated 3 men who were 18 – 20 years older than me.

While I enjoyed each relationship, none of them got serious.   I ended up marrying Joe who was 4 yrs younger than me (and he STILL died first).

Michele’s Destiny

Two out of the three men I dated are dead.

Marrying either one of the two would have resulted in being a widow BEFORE the age of 40.

So I guess being a widow at an age society considers young, was my destiny.

The Third Man

If I had married the 3rd, I would have a husband now in his 70’s.  Hopefully in good health but you never know.  I could be pushing him around in his wheelchair and changing diapers.

Entering Into A May-December Romance

Would I enter into a May-December romance at this time of my life?  No.  What would I possibly want with a man in his 30’s or in his 70’s?

I want and need men friends of all ages but that is it – friendship only.  However, the friendship is “Gone With The Wind” once a man enters into a romantic relationship with another woman, but that is the subject for another post.

Michele’s Romantic Want

What I want (somewhere down the road) is a man 2 – 4 years older or younger than me.  Hopefully we will be blessed with at least 25 years of good health, happiness and prosperity before health issues arise.  I know challenges will come our way but together with God we will handle them.


My sister and mom are proof that love conquers age differences.  Mom’s marriage to step-dad lasted over 20 years and Sis and Brother-in-Law are close to celebrating 30 years.

Further Proof

So does age matter in a relationship?  Not if it is true love because…

Love Never Fails

1st Corinthians 13:8

So is your love for your lover or spouse true whether you are close in age or far apart?