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Welcome Autumn!

I am writing this on Sunday night and the dark grey clouds roll by, the winds howl singing their last summer song as the temperature drops preparing Northeast Ohio for Autumn’s arrival.

Autumn is here whether we like it or not so we may as well welcome it.

Many people have recorded “Autumn Leaves” but this is the version I remember from my parents record collection.

Wishing you a joy filled Autumn.

Weekend Wisdom: “God Makes A Path”

The following is from “A Sacrifice of Praise, Second Edition, An anthology of Christian Poetry in English from Caedmon to the Mid-Twentieth Century; edited by James H. Trott.”  It was a gift from my dear friend Amy.

“God Makes A Path”

God makes a path, provides a guide,

And feeds a wilderness;

His glorious name, while breath remains, 

O that I may confess. 


Lost many a time, I have had no guide, 

No house but a hollow tree!

In stormy winter night no fire, 

No food, no company;


In Him I found a house, a bed, 

A table, company;

No cup so bitter but’s made sweet, 

Where God shall sweetening be. 

Roger Williams