Weekend Wisdom: Judging

Imagine how much joy you will experience when leaving the judging to God.  He has the right to judge because He created us.

Also imagine the joy you will bring to other people when you just love and accept them as a wonderful person created in God’s image.

Judging another person is judging God.  We do not have the right to judge God. We can ask questions of Him but we have no right to judge Him or anyone He created – which is everybody.

We all judge actions. Leave the people judging to God. 

Jeff Nischwitz

Real magic in relationships means an absence of judgment of others. 

Wayne Dyer

May you experience magic in all your relationships today, tomorrow and always – and leave the judging to God.


I Am Not Able To Be Myself

(Author’s Note, I’ve written briefly about this before but since I have a lot of new readers I thought I would address the subject again.  This post is a prequel to what is coming in the next week or two as my friend Gina gave me a book last night which contains chapters about dating and relationships.)

Home Alone

One of the reasons I am home a lot is because I am unable to be myself around single men and married, engage, or dating couples.

I have to watch what I say and do because I might come across as being desperate for a man or women who are part of a couple may think I am out to get their man.

Believe me, the last thing I want is a reputation as a home-wrecker or a girlfriend/boyfriend buster-upper.

It is very tough and exhausting watching what I say and do, so I carefully pick and choose which and what social functions I attend.

No Man For Me – Yet?

I am not out to get a man because I do not need one.

The only man I need is God who is my ultimate provider.

I might want a man in my life but I do not need one.

So rest assured men, I am not some clingy, desperate woman out to snare you. And women, you can be confident I am not out to break up your relationship.

Bottom Line

Just relax around a widow and allow her to be herself.  After what she has been through odds are she is in no hurry to get a man. (Yes, there are a few desperate widows out there but most are not.)