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New Traditions & Gooseberry Patch: “A Hometown Christmas”

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I thought I would do a brief post today since you might still be sluggish from too much tryptophan.

New Traditions

Starting new traditions at Christmas is a perfectly natural and acceptable thing to do in establishing a “new normal” for your life once widowed.

New traditions can make you feel as though you are taking a tiny step forward in your grief journey. Each step forward is progress and prevents you from getting stuck in grief. A new tradition does not have to be something big like switching who hosts your family Christmas dinner. It can be something small, like my new tradition.

My New Tradition

I love looking through new cookbooks and trying new recipes.  While I am not back to cooking or baking like I did when Joe was alive, each year I find myself working on my culinary skills a little bit more. After all I may end up getting married again and need to cook for family gatherings.

A year or two ago, I fell in love with the “Gooseberry Patch” family of cookbooks and earlier this year received a copy of “A Hometown Christmas” , which contains favorite holiday recipes submitted by their readers.

So this week, I will finally be making a couple recipes to share this coming weekend. (Yes, I am a little behind schedule) I highly recommend you get a copy and check out the recipe for “Old Country Cake” on page 152.  You never will guess who submitted that recipe.

Now off to make “Italian Chicken Spread”, or maybe “Snowball Cake” or “Italian Fish Skillet” or…


Don’t be afraid to try a new tradition this year.  You just might like it. Even if you are not grieving, try a new tradition to shake things up a bit.

(P.S.  Thank you JoAnn & Vickie for choosing my recipe.)

(Coming later this week, “Finding Hope Through Actions”)


How Michele Got Published

Yes, I am going to be published, but it is not a book.

It all happened a few weeks ago when I got an envelope in the mail.   I said to myself “Great! I’m even getting a reject letter from them.”  Then I opened it and it was a letter stating my submission was going to be published with a release date of June 2013.   All I had to do was sign a release letter and mail it back to them, which I did.

The Letter

Here are excerpts from the letter:

“Dear Michele,

Congratulations! We’re delighted to let you know that your recipe Old-Country Cake, will be included in our upcoming cookbook, Hometown Christmas, along with your name and hometown!

…Thanks again for sharing with us!  We’re always happy to hear from you anytime and enjoy receiving your favorite and original recipes, tips, crafts and memories.”

The letter is from Gooseberry Patch.  There will be a special private and shareable announcement when the book is published.

What I Did

I was at their site awhile back and they asked for submissions the new cookbook.  So I got out paternal grandmother’s recipe and emailed it to them.  After trading emails back and forth about some clarifications, I then received the letter.

So watch your local bookstore and/or for the June release.