Weekend Wisdom

Weekend Wisdom From Katherine Miracle

Weekend Wisdom is back and will continue through the end of the year.  For my new readers, Weekend Wisdom consists of joyful, uplifting or inspirational quotes, poems or scripture.  I love and collect all sorts of inspiration and this is my way of sharing it with you.  The quotes you find here are not the same quotes you find in Joyful Jems newsletter.

Discovering A Miracle

Today you will experience a miracle – Katherine Miracle.  She is one of the wonderful people God brought into my life since Joe’s passing and is an inspiration to me.  She emailed me the link to her quotes on Pinterest and I knew they would be the perfect way to re-launch Weekend Widsom.  Another one of her quotes is serving as inspiration for a blog post next Wednesday.

So without further adieu, I present to you Katherine Miracle.

“Once I made peace with my past, I began to see the wonder and amazement of nature, people, and love. I made peace, practiced positivity and did not judge but instead learned that love really never ends it just stays in your heart.”

Katherine Miracle

“Never store up your negatives and look for your faults.”

Katherine Miracle

You can find out more about Katherine Miracle by reading her book “Discovering Your Dawn.”