How Lipstick Helped Me Choose My Word For 2017.

Every year, some people chose either one word as their guide for the year. Other choose 3 words for the year.

I tried to come up with 3 words but could not decide on 3 that spoke to me. I toyed with Ask. Seek. Knock. After this verse from Matthew 7: 7, 8 (NIV):

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. 

I also toyed with the words hope and trust but they just did not speak to me either.

Ultimately I decided to go with one word as my guide for 2017 and it all started with lipstick.

About October of last year, I decided I was tired of naked, nude colorless lips – color was what I was seeking and it had to be bold. 

After selecting my lipstick, a thought popped into my head that bold would be a good word for 2017. How I would apply it to my life this year was uncertain.

I kept thinking about other words (hope, trust, nurture,  but I kept coming back to bold.

So I decided to use BOLD as my word of the  year.

The Meaning of Bold 

Merriam-Webster’s site defines bold as

  1. 1a :  fearless before danger :  intrepidb :  showing or requiring a fearless daring spirit

  2. 2:  impudent, presumptuous

  3. 3obsolete :  assured, confident

  4. 4:  sheer, steep <bold cliffs>

  5. 5:  adventurous, free <a bold thinker>

  6. 6:  standing out prominently

  7. 7:  being or set in boldface

“Showing or Requiring a Fearless Daring Spirit”

Well that’s interesting. I am a member of  Kelly Balarie’s book launch team for her new book Fear Fighting, awakening courage to OVERCOME your fears. Guess I will be referring to her book a lot this year.

How Bold Applies To This Year

I am still not certain about how bold is going to factor into my life this year, but I have some ideas. They include:

  • Bold Living – Sounds like a lot of adventure this year. Hopefully that means a new job that pays all the bills.
  • Bold Loving – This makes me nervous as maybe this is the year I start dating again.
  • Bold Creating – Not only being adventurous in my writing and photography but finding other creative adventures to pursue. Macrame here I come!         😉
  • Bold Faith – Trusting God.

2017 fills me with hope and excitement. In order to better my all aspects of my life, I am going to need to do Bold things and boldly go where no widow has gone before.

I will keep you posted on some of my decisions and their outcomes.