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7 Stamen Salute – A Thank You

Tuesday and Wednesday saw an increase in traffic to both this site and the sister site OgleOhio.com.  As a result, the likes and subscriptions increased.  So I decided to do a post thanking my long-time readers and my new readers for subscribing to my blog, after all this is still June and I am still participating in Lisa Ryan’s “5 Thank You’s A Day 30 Day Challenge.

I am going to say thank you the best way I know how – with flowers.  So this day lily, picked (with my camera) fresh from my front yard, is for you.   There are 7 stamens, you just are unable to see the 7th as it is hidden.

Whether you are new to this site, or a long-time reader, thanks for your support.

Have a blessed day.

“7 Stamen Salute”

Stay tuned as a new weekly series premiers on Monday 6/25 – Rommie & Michele’s Backyard Safari Adventures.  For those of you new here, Rommie is my golden retriever.  We have a sizable yard to care for and have some wild adventures in keeping it maintained.

(Coming Tomorrow: How I Spent My 19th Wedding Anniversary”

Day 3 of the “5 Thank You’s A Day Challenge”

It is Sunday and I am working on day 3 of Lisa Ryan’s “5 Thank You’s A Day Challenge.”  It is titled “Spouses and Other VIP’s.”

Well there obviously is no spouse for me to write about.  Heck there is not even a potential boyfriend on the horizon.  (If there is, only God knows about him.)

So I will write about other VIP’s, in this case my friends.  So to my friends young and old, new, newer and newest, and everywhere around the world – “This One’s For You.”

Thank You

  • For freely sharing your smile and your hugs.
  • For not running away from me because I am a widow.
  • For not believing I have cooties because of being a widow.
  • For making me laugh and not being afraid to cry with me.
  • For understanding I am not a threat to anyone’s marriage now that I am single again.
  • For not dropping me as a friend when I get down but willingly help build me back up.
  • For supporting me in my job search, my faith journey and my blogging on JoyReturns and OgleOhio.
  • To my single male friends for knowing I am not out looking for a husband or boyfriend.   (Besides, I was raised the old fashioned way – men make the first move.)

Whether big or small, you have touched my life in some special way. Thank you my friends.

All God’s best to you and your family.

Have you thanked your friends recently?