How To Spread Joy On LinkedIn

(Author’s Note: Unemployment has been one of my adventures since becoming a widow. This tip applies whether or not you are married or employed.) 

Monday, Monday

It’s Monday and most everyone is off to a sluggish start after the weekend so it is a bad time to contact people about anything pertaining to your job search. Instead use Monday for planning your week and endorsing people.

Make someone’s day or week by giving an endorsement for at least one of the skills listed on their LinkedIn profile. Do this while having your cup of coffee, milk, tea or whatever you drink to get your morning started. It is one small way to spread joy.

Do this for 4 or 5 of your connections every Monday.  It is wonderful way to start off the week and only takes a few moments.

Have a joy filled week.



2 Predictions & 1 Other Thought

Very rarely will you find me discussing politics on this blog because politics does not bring me joy.  I am unable to think of a politician alive whom I trust.

However, I stumbled across something very interesting and thought I would share it with you.

I am putting on my  Michel de Nostradame (usually Latinised to Nostradamus according to Wikipedia) hat and predict who will be elected president in November.

Before I reveal my prediction, I just want to assure you I used the most cutting edge research available –


(Hey, I am willing to bet it is more accurate than those telephone polls.)


I checked both candidates LinkedIn profiles and found:

  • 3 connections are connected somehow, someway to President Obama.
  • 91 of my connections are connected one way or another to Mitt Romney.

2 Predictions

Therefore based on this very scientific evidence,

Mitt Romney will be elected President of the United States of America in November. 

Since the number of connections are so lopsided, that tells me:

His victory will be a land slide. 

You heard it here first folks.

My prediction makes Rommie happy.  She has a new motto:

Rommie Fur Romney

Other Thought:  Did anyone ever call Michel de Nostradame “Michelle ma belle?”

( To my new readers, I do have a weird, twisted, sick sense of humor.)


Michele’s LinkedIn Update – A Positive Post

I updated my LinkedIn profile nothing unusual about that, I tweak it everyone in a while.   What I changed was my summary section.   I put a statement that hopefully will help positively reorient people’s perception of widows.

The “W” Word

Yes, it was a gutsy move to put the word widow on LinkedIn as it will scare some prospective employers.  But if the word “widow” scares them, is that a company worth working for?  I doubt it.

My Prayer

I pray that what put will amount to a paradigm shift in peoples thinking.  I know it was an “Ah-Ha” moment when I one day realized a letter was missing in widow.

So what did I put in my LinkedIn summary?

~~ I am a widow who is really a window of opportunity. ~~

Coming tomorrow on the sister site OgleOhio.com – “Dark Shadows Super Moon”