3 Additions To The Joyful Reading List + A Summer Reading Challenge

Here are 3 more books for your summer reading pleasure.

Local Author

The Verbal Hug, 101 Absolutely Awesome Ways To Express Appreciation – Lisa Ryan  

Lisa Ryan is a local author, speaker and most importantly – my friend.  She is one of the wonderful people I have met since Joe’s passing and I am grateful to God for putting her in my life.

The Verbal Hug is Lisa’s newest book and consists of simple but wonderful ways to say thank you to anyone in your life.  Attached to each idea is a powerful quote.  For example # 46:

Thank them for inspiring you to get out of your comfort zone and grow. 

“God gave  you a gift of 86,400 seconds today.  Have you used one to say thank you?

William Arthur Ward

You get 100 more tips just like this one and maybe those tips will give you ideas for creating your own ways to say thank you.

Download a copy and start planning what tips you will use.  Just think of the joy you will bring the people in your life.  Remember, you reap what you sow in this life so start spreading the gratitude.

Lisa’s other books are also available on Amazon and you can sign learn more about Lisa at

Beach or Hammock

Here are two romance novels perfect reading for the beach or the hammock as they are light and easy to read. I finished Accidentally Married in one day and Beneath the Patchwork Moon in about 2 or 3 days.

Beneath the Patchwork Moon (A Hope Springs Novel) – Allison Kent.  Luna, the main character, is turning property, that belonged to her best friend’s family, into a non-profit center.  Sierra, her best friend, passed away in a car accident at eighteen. The only hiccup is Angelo, Sierra’s brother, returning home to Hope Springs, TX, demanding answers to questions about the crash. Luna is the only one with the answers.

Allison’s writing has me dreaming of moving to a small town and opening a cafe or other small business in an attempt to rebuild my life.

Accidentally Married – Victorine E. Lieske.  Madison, an actress returns home after trying to make it in Hollywood.  She applies for what she thinks is a job as an executive assistant to CEO Jared Jameson, only to find out she is playing the part of his girlfriend at a family dinner. Life gets very interesting for her and Jared once she opens her mouth at the family dinner.

Thanks to Char at Joy In The Moments for suggesting this book.

Summer Challenge

Our pastor threw down a challenge to those of us at church yesterday and I thought it was a good one to mention on the blog.

Read the book of Psalms between now and Labor Day. This means reading 3 a day.  There will be days you feel like reading more and some when you feel like reading less.

You will find more Psalms of lament than thanksgiving. (I first learned this in Griefshare.)  David and others who wrote the Psalms had days where they cried out anger and frustration too.  Human emotions have not changed since Biblical days. We think of the people from the Bible as perfect – they were not. The only exception is Jesus.

Will you Join me in reading the Psalms this summer? I bet we will learn a thing or two.

May they bring you comfort and joy.


A Joyful Summer Reading List

Welcome to June!

I suggested to my friend J.T. O’Donnell that she come up with a Summer reading list for those in transition or whose career needs a boost.

Then, I decided I better take my own advice and create a joyful reading list. So here my suggestions for summer reading.

I have read all books and receive no kickbacks from anyone for putting their book on the list.

Romance Novels

Perfect Kindle reading for the beach or hammock – none were over $5.00 when this post was written on 5/31.

  • “The Second Chance Café” (A Hope Springs Novel) Alison Kent – Kaylie Flynn goes back home and buys her foster parent’s house and plans to turn it into a Café.  (I am currently reading the next installment “Beneath the Patchwork Moon.”)
  • “Penelope” (A Madcap Regency Romance) (The Fairweather Sisters) Anya Wylde – Country girl attempts to fit into London high society during the debutante season. I dare you not to fall in love with Lady Bathsheba.
  • “The Wicked Wager” (A Regency Murder Mystery & Romance) Anya Wylde – “Oh what a tangled web we weave” describes this lighthearted tale about love, deception and murder.
  • “Seeking Philbert Woodbead” (A madcap Regency Romance) (The Fairweather Sisters) Anya Wylde – A madcap tale of Penelope’s sister Celine trying to run a mansion and find her long-lost poet lover.

(I started reading Anya’s books based on the recommendation of Charissa at Joy In The Moments.)


Bible Study

Whether Bible study is on the beach or in your church’s yard under a big old shade tree, you can’t go wrong with these books.

  • “Postcards from the Widows’ Path, Gleaming Hope and Purpose from the Book of Ruth”, Ferree Hardy.    This book combines a study of the book of Ruth with Ferree’s first-hand account of her journey down the widow’s path.  However, it is not just for widows.  It is a great education for anyone looking to learn more about the book of Ruth and what it takes to survive widowhood.
  • “Choose Joy, Because Happiness Isn’t Enough, Kay Warren – Happiness is not enough.  I know happy people and they are very one dimensional (more on that in another post).  This book helps you get to know Jesus both as a man of joy and sorrow.  She also teaches that the joy found in the Bible is not dependent upon circumstances – Hallelujah!

Book Club/Cooking Club

There you have it – my joyful reading list for this summer. I am in the process of reading a few more books, so you just might find a second reading list later this summer.