You Are With Us Always, Jonathan Frid

I learned yesterday that actor Johnathan Frid quietly passed away last weekend.  He will forever in our hearts be known as Barnabas Collins, (link to Barnabas’ arrival) the vampire from “Dark Shadows.” (1967-1971) (Link to opening theme)

My childhood friends and I ran home from school so we could watch “Dark Shadows” much to the displeasure of our mothers.  Us kids would sit and laugh as we noticed the boom mic’s getting into the scenes every now and then.  Plus we would catch Jonathan and other looking over at cue cards.  It was easy to tell he was a classically trained actor the way he spoke and carried himself.


Jonathan recites this lyric on “Original Music From Dark Shadows” (Vol 1).  I thought it appropriate to include it in today’s post.

“I’ll Be With You Always”

I’ll be with you always, ever, forever

I’ll always be near you, though far away

With my love beside you, you won’t be lonely

We’ll meet again dear, some distant day

So don’t be afraid of the future unknown

For I am at your side, you are never alone

I’ll be with you always, ever together

Eternally bonded, never apart

I’ll be with you always, ever together

Eternally bonded, never apart

Always, never apart

Always, never apart

Yes Johnathan, you will always be with us always because you reside in our hearts.

Rest in Peace.

Now cracks a noble heart. Good-night, sweet prince;
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest

Horatio, scene ii

Hamlet Act V

William Shakespeare