Black Friday: Michele’s Day Of Hibernation

Black Friday – a day in which I only leave the house to put out the trash.

I refuse to share the road with sleep deprived people who are driving under the influence of tryptophan. It is a time to stay safe by staying home and snuggling with Rommie while reading a good book such as One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.

Earlier this week I bought kidney beans and tomato sauce to make chili. However, I forgot to defrost the hamburger and I am still stuffed from yesterday. Making chili does no longer seems like a good idea, even though it is freezing cold outside and the ground is covered with 2 inches of fresh snow.

My friend Renee sent home a baggie of white meat and I have left over Kraft Mac and Cheese in the fridge so I have all I need for dinner.

Today I will also study for my Business and Marketing Writing course I’ve been taking online since late October. Must always keep learning.

The holiday decorating I started on Wednesday will be finished today.There will be posts about what I’ve done. I did not plan on doing much decorating but then Elvis serenaded me.

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are still counting your blessings – I am.

Stay safe and warm.

Elvis and I will see you Monday for a holiday decorating post.