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Halloween 2014 – HRH Rommie Kearns

It is cold, rainy, and dreary here in Northeast Ohio which makes it a perfect day for staying in bed recovering from a Halloween Hangover.

The little kiddies visited Rommie last night from 6 – 8 p.m.  She loved every second of those 2 hours. Our favorite costumes were worn by a brother and sister who dressed up as peanut butter (brother) and jelly (sister).  This was jelly’s first time trick or treating so she was a little confused. However, peanut butter was having lots of fun.

We were in bed by 8:30 p.m.  After working all day and passing out candy I was exhausted.  I gave Rommie a little bit of wet food with a Bufferin for her hips and she went to bed and zoned out.

It was about 2 hours later when I got up and slathered my face with makeup remover to take off my “Cleopatra” face. My friend Suzi brought me a nice warm house dress from Jordan years ago and I wear it every Halloween as it keeps me nice and warm. (It keeps me warm other days of the year as well.)

Today Rommie and I are in bed recovering from Halloween Hangover.  I will also be tweaking the resume today and doing other job search activities.

Rommie was a Princess this year. Dad used to call her “Her Royal Highness” because of her insistence on playing tennis with whoever was around.

HRH Princess Rommie Kearns (10/31/2014)
HRH Princess Rommie Kearns (10/31/2014)

It was appropriate for Rommie to be a princess this year as for one night we lived in London, England (courtesy of our neighbors fog machine.)

Halloween in London?(2014)
Halloween in London?(2014)

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween.  Rommie is her normal energetic self today and is ready to do pass out candy to her “subjects” again tonight.         😉


A Treat From Rommie!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Yes, it’s Rommie and I’ve once again hacked Mom’s computer while she was asleep.

Today is my FAVORITE day of the year because it means lots, and lots, and lots of people come visit me.  It fills me with such joy to see babies, toddlers, teens and tweens along with their parents. Some dress as cows, ballerina’s, princesses, vampires, witches, Superman’s, and lots of other costumes.

My First Halloween

Mom and Daddy had me only 17 days when I first learned about Halloween. I was just 3 months old and one night the doorbell rang and when Mom opened it – people were there! (Daddy hid in the basement as little monsters scared him.)  Unfortunately they went away after Mom gave them candy.

Every time I heard the bell, I ran through the house faster than road runner trying to get the door. Mom had me gated off because she did not want me running out the door.

The Neighbors

The boys next door do not go out trick or treating anymore.They stay home and along with their parents, scare people. This year they set up a butcher shop. You do not want to know what is in their hamburger as there are dead people and body parts strewn all over their yard.

I ran over there the other night to have my Halloween portrait taken.  Here I am sticking my head inside the butcher’s shirt.


Eww! He Smells Funny!
Eww! He Smells Funny!

The butcher might look human but is part pig (fake pig of course).


As long as the weather is warm enough, we will stand outside and wait for the onslaught of kiddos.  When they come up to me I just lie down or roll over.  I do not jump on them.  If I did Mom might keep me in the house during trick or treat hours.

So here’s to a safe and fun Halloween to everyone reading this post. And to my golden cousins Ginger & Hurley, may you get an extra helping of Scooby Snacks in your treat bowl.

I leave you with my official Halloween portrait for 2013.

Halloween 2013 - Rommie and the Pig Butcher
Halloween 2013 – Rommie and the Pig Butcher

Special thanks and much love to my wonderful neighbors for creating a scary yard display and for just being great people.