What I Am Giving Up For Lent

For those of you who have followed this blog for sometime, you know I am not in favor of giving up something for Lent. The suffering endured by giving up coffee or chocolate is nothing compared to what Jesus went through during his beating and hanging on the cross.

Instead I am in favor of taking up something for Lent. Do something to increase  your faith and/or help others.

Bye Bye

However, this year I am giving something up – Facebook.

It is going to be tough because I follow some great pages – The Devoted Barn (feral and medical rescue and rehoming for dogs, cats, pigs, sheep, goats, and horses),  Golden Retriever’s In Need and Buckeye’s Missions and Sanctuary. I am also a member of great groups – Problogger Podcast Listeners, Cheerleaders for Christ, and Faithful Finish Lines.

With all the chaos in the world and online, and with people purposely showing only the good side of life in their news feed, I’ve decided to call it quits for Lent. I will still be blogging both here and at

What I Will Do

Besides still blogging both here and at OgleOhio, I will work on living life to make memories for the news feed in my head. The memories will include helping others (not sure how yet), reading various materials to help increase my faith and continuing to pray for the Holy Spirit to work mightily in my job search. I need a miracle as I file for my last unemployment check this Sunday.

What I Am Hoping

I am hoping this Facebook fast will last long after Easter has come and gone. There is so much more to life to experience and enjoy than living life for Facebook.

What did you give up or take up for Lent?



The Sewer Rat Series Part 2 – Sister Sludge

We left off yesterday with the discovery of a fountain bubbling “black gold” underneath the sink in my laundry room.

Even though water comes up the whole and spreads the entire length of the basement, it does not get deep because of the waterproofing Joe and I had done in 2001. As part of the work, they poured pourous concrete around the perimeter of the basement.  So when water comes up it spreads and goes back down once it hits the concrete.  It only accumulates in the basement’s center where it is regular concrete. There is no chance for water to get deep. (My neighbors got 12 inches in their basement.)

What Goes Around Comes Around

The official word from the sewer company is 5 inches of rain fell that Monday night. No storm sewer system can hold that much at one time. People got flooded that have never gotten flooded before. City Hall even got it. As one neighbor said

“Hopefully it was sewage so they get a taste of their own medicine.”

Sister Sludge

The fountain stopped by the morning of 5/13 and most of the water drained away, leaving behind sludge and lots of it.

I see a gray broken heart and a gray mushroom among the sludge.
I see a gray broken heart and a gray mushroom among the sludge.

I called off work and started hauling things out to the curb but there was not much as most items are in plastic tubs.

When it came to the mopping and sludge clean up, I called filed an insurance claim Wednesday morning as I just could not do it.   It seemed no matter whether I used the squeegee or mop or broom, I got nowhere.

Once the claim was filed, I called the company recommended to me by my insurance company and they put me on a waiting list 3 – 4 days long just to make an appointment to have the cleaning done. Then the company called me and said they were bringing in a Pennsylvania company to help with the backlog.

On Friday 5/16 the company showed up and started mopping, spraying a disinfectant and mold inhibitor, and left 3 dehumidifiers and 6 fans.  As I write this post it is late Sunday afternoon and the equipment is still running. The company will be back Monday morning (5/19) to pick up the equipment as the humidity level in the basement and the dampness of the concrete to be in normal range by then.

The equipment left makes a lot of noise so sleeping has been an adventure.  Last night I was able to sleep through most of the night. Rommie seems to have no problem sleeping at all.

“Wanna Go Bye-Byes?”

With all this equipment running, I take Rommie with me everywhere as I do not want her home alone should the fans and dehumidifiers crap out and start a fire.  The company checked the house’s electrical circuit before hooking them up but you never know.

Rommie loves it every time I ask her if she is ready to go bye-byes. We tootled around town running errands, including me getting a free bottle of O.P.I nail polish at Ulta.  I was all over that coupon when it hit my email Saturday morning. I got “Live, Love Carnival” a orangish, peachy, citrus color from their “Brazil” collection, a perfect antidote to the brownish sludge in my life.

Then as a treat for Rommie we went to Petco for a bag of her favorite liver-snaps.  While there we saw her golden “cousins” as Golden Retrievers In Need (G.R.I.N.) was there. She had fun sniffing everyone and being petted by all the volunteers.

So despite all the sludge in our house, we managed to have some fun time this past weekend.

Coming tomorrow – Sewer Rats Part 3 – Back to Normal


On The Road With Rommie & Michele

Good Tuesday morning!

It’s Rommie and I’ve taken over the computer once again so I can tell you about an adventure Mom and I had on Sunday.

Family Reunion

Sunday it was just Mom and me along with 120+ people and 80+ of my cousins at the second-annual Golden Retriever’s In Need (G.R.I.N.) Bark in the Park.  We gathered together at a park for a walk, lunch and other canine activities. Below is a picture of the park’s entrance.


I got to see Auntie Jane, Michelle, Ann and a lot of other people.  Plus I met Aunt Nancy and Uncle Ron this year.  They were very nice and watched me while Mom went and got her lunch.

“And We’re Walking”

There was a guy who spoke about the importance of Memorial Day. Mom along with the rest of the people recited the Pledge of Allegiance and sang the “Star-Spangled Banner.” I did not pay much attention to what they were doing as I was there to walk! Mom had a hard time keeping me still during the brief program.

After the program everyone set out on a 1, 2, or 3 mile walk.  I on the other hand decided to lie on the grass in the cool shade.


I had done my walking during the program..  Mom did eventually get me up to walk. Here is a picture Mom took along the walking path.


For some reason Mom was fascinated by these twisted branches and vines.

Mom did not win anyone of the baskets filled with goodies that were raffled off (nothing unusual about that).

I also had to put my paw in some type of white goop so Mom has my paw-print to frame.

“Nasty, Nasty, O You Nasty Boy!”

One of my cousins and I started sniffing noses and then something happened and he and I exchanged some nasty words. So nasty I showed my teeth to him. Mom about passed out because she can not recall a time when I snarled at anyone. According to the nice people that own him, my cousin has some aggression issues. After lunch they walked him around the outside of the park. His Mom said he is a work in progress.

Another Butt-Sniffing Good Time

Mom and I enjoyed our time at the park and seeing our fellow G.R.I.N. buddies.  Don’t worry, while I did a lot of butt-sniffing again this year, Mom did not sniff any.

Love, Hugs, and Sloppy Wet Kisses to all,



P.S.  Mom tried to get more pictures but I kept her too busy.

Coming Saturday – “A Gooseberry Weekend”