Why It Stinks 2 B Dateless/Husbandless

This past weekend was the Golden Gala for Golden Retrievers In Need.  It is our biggest fundraiser of the year – and I missed it.


Because I became sick early Thursday morning. 

2 Rooms

I have lived in two rooms since then, the bedroom and the bathroom.  When in the bedroom, I have been sleeping.   I let your imagination wander as to what occurred when I was in the bathroom. 

By Saturday everything was pretty much under control except I was very weak and had no business being behind the wheel of a car. 

As I told Mom, “This is one time when it really stinks to be dateless/husbandless, as HE could have driven.”  She agreed.    I still would not have lasted the entire night but could have helped out for a couple of hours. 

Yet Again

Once again I am left to say C’est la vie, translation Mr. Sinatra’s style “That’s Life.” 

It throws you curve balls every now and then.  

Well time to go back to bed.