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It Is What It Is – Or Is It?

Well hello there, it’s me. I figured it would be good to end the month with a regular post instead of a brief Weekend Wisdom post. It’s been a productive few weeks just not in regard to this blog or my photo blog. While the weeks were filled with accomplishments, they also drained me of physical and mental energy. (It’s not that catchy thing-a-ma-jiggy; had that in February 2020.)

Now I better finish this post and get it scheduled before Dracula, Barnabas Collins or some other vampire comes and drains most of my energy again.

May you be filled with joy and energy today and every day.

Eliminate This Phrase

The phrase “It is what it is” irritates me worse than a pebble in my shoe.

I have always


that phrase.

It’s even more despicable than the phrase “next year.” If you are a fan of any Cleveland sports teams (especially football) you know the sickening feeling you get when speaking the words “next year” after a dismal season.


I could never put my finger on why I despised “It is what it is” so much. Then a couple weeks ago Kaitlyn Bouchillon wrote about it in her post Get Your Hopes Up. She too disliked the phrase but did not know why until It was pointed out by someone else that “It is what it is” leaves no room for hope.


That is why I hate it, my soul deep down knew there was no hope in “It is what it is.” No room for hope means you are permanently stuck in the valley of the shadow of death.

That is simply not true. Where there is God, there is hope. Even in life’s valleys.

So I challenge you and me to eliminate “It is what it is.” from your vocabulary. Then encourage others to find hope even in the deepest, darkest situations so they too never use or believe “It is what it is.”

My Prayer For You

Bio: Michele Kearns is the founder and HUG© (Hope Unites Globally) Award-Winner of JoyReturns. She shares her widowhood adventures hoping to inspire widows to move through grief and rebuild their lives. Michele is also the amateur photographer behind the blog