Words That Speak To My Heart

“Whatever you are going through use it, if you lose love learn to love yourself, if you are hurt help another, if you lose faith search to find it, and always, always fight to find your purpose.”

Katherine Miracle

Upon reading this quote from my dear friend Katherine Miracle, I knew I had to write a post.  Each section spoke to my heart.

“Whatever you are going through use it”

This is the section that resonated with me the most because I see so many people in grief and career transition refuse to move forward with life.  They are unable or unwilling to use this time to learn and grow.  Staying stuck in their grief or job searching 1980’s style is acceptable to them but yet they wonder why grief is still so painful after all these years or why they are unable to get a job.

If you do not use what you are going through, you will die either in body and/or spirit.

Do you really want that?

“If you lose love learn to love yourself”

It hurts to lose love whether it is through grief or a break up.  You are still a wonderful person with a lot to give to this world.  So learn to accept yourself and the quirks that make you unique.

Loving yourself also means loving your marital status.  Being single means you can now do what you want, when you want.  If you are married, love the ups and downs of married life.  After all you could find yourself suddenly single at any moment.

Remember, whether or not you love yourself is evident by your words and actions. Once you love yourself, get out there and spread the love to others.

 “If you are hurt help another”

Nothing eases the pain of grief and unemployment like helping others.  You may not feel like doing a lot to help others because of your pain and that’s alright.  All you need to do is sit and listen.  It will make them feel better knowing someone cares enough to listen. You may not have answers, but you have two shoulders for them to lean on.  We all need a shoulder to lean on every now and then.

 “If you lose faith search to find it.”

Search for your faith.  It might take a while but you will find it, just be persistent.  Ask others for help,  knock on God’s door with prayer and seek faith examples in other people’s actions. What you will most likely find is faith was there all along.  It was the strong, silent partner keeping you going every day. You just could not see your faith because it was surrounded by the fog your problems clouded by your problems.

 “And always, always fight to find your purpose.”

Everyone has a purpose.  You have to dig deep down inside and do a lot of soul-searching but just like your faith, you will discover it.   Examine what you are going through or have been through and you just might find your purpose there.

What All 5 Sections Have In Common

Let me summarize all 5 sections with one word each – Use, Learn, Help, Search, and Fight.  What do they have in common – action!  These 5 words require you to get out there and “do” instead of just existing.

May Katherine’s words also speak to your heart.