{ Day 21 } Rommie’s Tricks to Scare Away the Grief Monster – DIG!

Good early evening to everyone. It is a gorgeous day here in Northeast Ohio – sunny and 70’s. I hope it is sunny and warm wherever you live.

Here is another Rommie trick for scaring the grief monster –


Rommie did some digging as a puppy under the 3 pine trees in our backyard but mostly she enjoyed digging under the neighbor’s fence. The hole would be big enough for her BFF Jewels to wiggle through and the 2 of them would run around Rommie’s yard and end up wrestling.


Rommie also liked to dig and then stick her head through the hole and watch the neighbor’s work in their yard. By doing this she was discovering a whole new world.

Your New World

You discover a whole new world after the loss of your spouse. Digging into your past will help you put the pieces together of this new world. You may decide to bring some hobbies and interest from your past into your future. However while digging and unearthing buried treasure, you may decide you do not want any part of what you did before and bury it for good.

Then you will find a new spot and dig, dig, dig to uncover new buried treasure.

Welcome To My World

I dug in an old spot and rediscovered reading and photography.

I also dug in a new spot and discovered

  • blogging
  • networking
  • new friends
  • loan officer position
  • lawn mower part sales
  • online career coaching

Combined with my past interests, I lead a very full life – sometimes too full.

Go Dig!

There is a whole world out there waiting to be discovered, you just have to dig for it. Here’s praying you unearth new joy’s while digging.

Just please be sure to wipe your paws before entering the house.                           🙂