Michele’s #1 Job Search Mistake

The church I attend is doing a 9 month class on maturing as disciples.  The only prerequisite was to write a 1 page faith story answering such questions as “What was your life like before you met Jesus?” and “How did you realize you needed Jesus in our life? ”

Well today I was going to publish my faith story online. However, I decided today is not the day to publish my faith story.  It might get published tomorrow or never.

#1 Mistake

Instead I am going to talk about the single biggest mistake I made while unemployed and that is – not trusting God enough with my job search. 


I had to be the one in charge.  Always searching for a seminar, networking event or job search group to attend.  I was always filling my brain with info from this article and that article pertaining job search or general career information.  While some of that information was necessary, too much time was wasted on career and not enough on God.

Give Up

I needed to turn the reigns of my job search completely over to God, trusting that He would guide me to the events He wanted me to attend and the people He wanted me to meet.

This would have freed me up to grow closer to Him and develop an ever deeper relationship with Jesus.  By doing that I would have grown in my faith and become an even better person than who I am now.

The People I Met

Now I do not regret the people I did met as they are helpful, loving, and wonderful people who have had a major impact on my life.   The interview I did last week with Cleveland Business Connections Magazine came about because of Jeff, whom I met while unemployed.  And then there is JT, Mary, Sharon and Katherine.  Four great women who are awesome role models in their own unique way.

The list of people I have met either in person or online is long and I do not regret meeting them at all.

Focus, Focus, Focus

It is just that my focus was on a full time job which is an earthly thing and not a heavenly thing.

Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things.

Colossians 3:2

Your Challenge

So if you are in transition, turn your job search over to God completely.  Quit being in control and read the Bible, pray giving thanks for what He has done and will do, and ask him for guidance every day – then be still and listen.  He will answer you either through whispers, signs or the good old 2 x 4 upside the head.

He will always lead you in the right direction.

After all, He conquered death forever – so what makes you think He is unable to conquer a job search?

Are you up for the challenge of turning your job search over to God completely?  I hope so.