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A Christmas Eve Wish

May your Christmas Eve be filled with peace, comfort and joy whether you are surrounded with family and friends or spending a quiet night at home. At some time tonight take a few moments and ponder this verse from “O Little Town of Bethlehem.”  (Sarah McLachlan’s version from her Wintersong CD )




How silently, how silently 

The wondrous gift is given! 

So God imparts to human hearts

The blessings of His heaven. 

No ear may hear His coming, 

But in this world of sin, 

Where meek souls will receive him still, 

The dear Christ enters in. 

Holiday Post: Decorating The Corner Cupboard

I have been lax in posting about the decorating that went on a couple weeks ago after resurrecting Elvis. So here is an update.

Corner Cupboard

There is a corner cupboard in my living room and an old railroad lantern sits on top of it. The lantern came from Dad’s estate and the cupboard came from Mom’s family. Over the years the top was decorated with poinsettias, a fibre optic snowman, and a fiber optic angel. This year’s theme is Rustic Christmas and the lantern became the center of the display.

Nothing says rustic like Spanish Moss, also nothing says mess like Spanish Moss.

A Mess Of Spanish Moss
A Mess Of Spanish Moss

Once I got the Spanish Moss into place on the edge of the corner cupboard, I added in a touch of artificial snow. Then added 2 Santa’s I got when Mom cleaned out her basement. I also have a vase of green, yellow, orange with a touch of burgundy next to the lantern. This vase is affectionately known as “Uncle Odie” as it came from his estate.


Work In Progress
Work In Progress

Getting “Uncle Odie” in the Christmas mood required wrapping him in Christmas paper. Then I found a red candle I wanted to put in him but had to figure out how to get it to fit.  I found a travel mug and it fits inside “Uncle Odie” with the candle nestled inside the top of the travel mug lid.

"Uncle Odie" All Wrapped Up
“Uncle Odie” All Wrapped Up

For the finishing touch I added some ornaments with Christmas scenes I also got from Mom’s house.They bring out the colors in the wrapping paper and go nicely with the Santa’s.

Here are pictures of the corner cupboard in all it’s rustic glory. All items are what I had on hand or got from Mom. Nothing was purchased for this project.

Corner Cupboard Rustic Christmas
Corner Cupboard Rustic Christmas
Rustic Christmas Part 2
Rustic Christmas Part 2

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