Weekend Wisdom

Weekend Wisdom: Joan Rivers & Ralph Waldo Emerson

This quote from my buddy Ralph describes Joan Rivers’ life:
Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.


Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thank you for leaving one heck of a trail, a trail of twists, turns, hills and valleys because no path in life is straight.

RIP Joan.

Weekend Wisdom

Weekend Wisdom: Reach Beyond Your Grasp – M. Blaine Smith

Today’s Weekend Wisdom is brought to you by M. Blaine Smith, author of “Reach Beyond Your Grasp, Embracing Dreams That Reflect God’s Best for You – And Achieving Them”

Expose Yourself!

I will derive unspeakable benefit from exposing myself as fully as possible to people who view life positively and my own life dynamically.

Chapter 11

“Cheerleaders and Mentors”

Be Opportunistic!

The setback I’ve encountered is a God-given opportunity to learn, grow and become more successful; it may even indicate that success is just around the corner. 

Chapter 15

“Responding to Setbacks”

Dream On!

“I’ll contribute most greatly to my happiness, health and effectiveness, by staying strongly committed to growing, open to new adventures, and focused on fresh dreams and goals, for as long as I’m physically and mentally able.”

Chapter 17

“Keep On Dreaming”


Bob’s 28 Day Challenge

Bob  is a Career Development Specialist – until Friday when he retires and starts a new chapter in life.

During Monday’s “Coffee Talk” at the local library, he spoke about the things he learned along the way.  It was a fascinating speech filled with wonderful lessons.

Some of the items mentioned in his speech that job seekers need to do are:

  • Stand Out
  • Take Risk
  • Get through the grief of losing your job
  • Write a well thought out thank you note after sending a thank you email to your interviewer.

However, it was his 28 day challenge that resonated the most with me and I decided to share it with you.

Bob’s 28 Day Challenge

This challenge will work whether you are grieving the loss of  your job, your spouse or your self-esteem is shot because of various other reasons.

  • Get a notebook and keep it along with a pen beside your bed.
  • When you get up in the morning, pick 2 POSITIVE traits about you and write each one in your journal 5 times.
  • Repeat just before going to bed.
  • The next day pick 2 different positives about you and write those 5 times in your notebook. (you can pick the same traits as the day before if you want.)
  • Repeat this process for 28 days.

His Offer

When speaking to job seekers he offers to buy anyone lunch if this process does not help them after 28 days.

He has never had to buy anyone lunch either because:

  • They were afraid to admit they did not do the challenge.
  • Because it worked.

Get Ready

Today is the 26th, so you have the rest of today and 4 more days to get your notebook and pen ready for October 1st.

Do it for 28 days and see how your self-esteem improves and how your joy returns.

A  Thank You Note

Thank you Bob for helping those in transition.

All God’s best to you and your family. 

Enjoy your ride into the sunrise of the next chapter of life.