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Since Lent and Easter are over.  It is time for some posts about job search (UGH!!!!!!!!!!!)  I react to job searching the way Calvin of “Calvin and Hobbes” reacts to Rosalyn, whether she babysits him or is his swim instructor. 

Swimming Words

It was 4 years last Wednesday, 4/4, that Joe was buried.  Well on that day I had words swimming around in my head.  They pertain to the one sentence I have been trying to write and put at the top of my re-zoo-me.  Well it turned out to be 2 sentences instead of one – bummer.  However the 2 people I most trust when it comes to career advice like it.

So here is my career story in 2 sentences.  Thanks for the help Joe.

The Career Story of Michele Kearns, Communications/Customer Service Professional

Customer service oriented professional adept at using her communication skills to develop and maintain relationships in various industries including, retail, banking, and collections.  Also uses communication skills to develop relationships via blogs – JoyReturns.com and OgleOhio.com.

“Th-th-th-that’s all folks!”  My entire career summed up in 2 sentences, not sure if it is good or bad my career can be reduced to 2 sentences.

Oh well, at least I do not have the words “summary” or “objective” on my resume.  Those words give me the same reaction that eggplant casserole gives Calvin   😉

A Few Of My Favorite Things

I was going to call this post, “A Few Of My Favorite People, Places And Things” but the title was too long.

Since it’s Friday and everyone is winding down from the week.  I figured instead of something deep and insightful, I would do something a little on the lighter side.

Here are just a few of my favorite things:

  • Cartoon: “Calvin and Hobbes” Calvin gives new meaning to “creative thinking.”  The eggplant casserole is one of my favorites.
  • Italian Dish:  Eggplant Parmesan– I usually order this when at an Italian restaurant as it is something I will not make for myself.
  • Movie:  “Gone With The Wind” – I still do not understand why Scarlett does not realize Rhett is the right man for her.
  • Musical Made Into A Movie:  “Sound of Music.” – Salzburg and Vienna, Austria are my next honeymoon destinations.   I know, some of you are wondering why I did not choose “Phantom of the Opera” since Joe and I saw it in Toronto, Ontario Canada.  The reason  – Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman did not play the lead roles.   (FYI – Joe and I used “Music of the Night” as our bridal dance since we wanted something other than a pop song.)
  • Tree: Chestnut  – I spent a lot of time climbing and swinging like a monkey from the one we had in our backyard.
  • Instruments: Flute – I use to play this in high school band. I tried playing it again but while I remember the fingering, my lips have lost it.  Piano – There is nothing like a good piano solo.  I took lessons as a kid and perhaps I will again.
  • First Love: Bobby Sherman (Boy did I just date myself!)
  • President: Abraham Lincoln.  I sure wish we could resurrect him.
  • Pop: Pepsi – It’s sweeter than Coke.
  • Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven – I would love to be able to write music like he did.
  • Classical Piece of Music: Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony – Brilliant, just brilliant. This version conducted by Zubin Mehta during a concert for the Japanese earthquake victims is a masterpiece.    Beethoven had to be filled with such joy watching this performance from heaven.


Have a joy filled weekend!