My Escalator Speech

In today’s professional world you need to have a 2 minute elevator speech, a 1 minute elevator speech, a 30 second elevator speech and an escalator speech. This applies whether or not you are job hunting.

What Is An Elevator Speech? 

It is a speech that tells people all about who you are as a professional.  Some job search groups what a 2 minute version others want a 1 minute, or a 30 second version.

Escalator Speech

You guessed it, a speech that you can give in the time it takes to ride up an escalator.

My Elevator Speech

Well it is has not quite made it out of the stone-age yet.  The “Butt Sisters”  are still working on it.   In other words, it is still very rough around the edges.

My Escalator Speech

It came very quickly tonight as I was putting the finishing touches on Monday’s post.   I got the idea while reviewing my “Awards and Performance Portfolio.”

So without further adieu:

My name is Michele Kearns and I use my communication and problem solving skills to train and coach call center employees on systems, policies guidelines and procedures better preparing them for what they will encounter when helping to “Keep The Customer Satisfied.”