Thankful For Memories

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Brunswick Reformed Church hosts a unique service. No long-winded, boring sermon that will put people to sleep. Instead it is a service where those in attendance stand up and say what they are thankful for.  It is in that spirit in which this post is written.  However, instead of listing the current people, places, things and events I am grateful for, I am going to focus on one category – childhood.

So hold on to your handlebars with plastic streamers it is going to be a wild and crazy ride.

Backyard Memories

  • Chestnut tree that doubled as a trapeze. (“We flew through the air with the greatest of ease…”)
  • Swingset that doubled as gymnastics bar.
  • Sandbox
  • Picnic Table
  • Rolling down the hill and getting all itchy from the grass and grass stains on clothes.
  • Sledding down the same hill on the saucer sled.
  • Making a swing out of rope and the saucer sled (saucer sleds get lonely in the summer.)

Bedroom Memories

  • The railing in our upstairs bedroom serving as a counter for Mom’s no longer wanted/needed makeup.
  • Walk-in closet with a slanted ceiling – makes a great “house.”
  • The whole row of cubby-holes that lined the entire outer wall, making great “tents/houses/apartments.”
  • Flowered linoleum flooring, which makes a great ice-skating rink.  My sister and I use to start at one end of the bedroom, run and then slide while doing Arabesque’s, jump’s and turns like Peggy Fleming, Dorothy Hamill and other ice skaters.  The trick was to stop before slamming into the wall. If not we heard mom say:

“What’s going on up there?”

Sis and I would honestly and very innocently say:


Mom knew better, as most Mom’s do.

  • Crayola Crayons – So sis and I had something to drop down the register, without hitting the metal sides, into the fiery furnace below. If we hit the sides, guess what?  Yep – another round of “What’s going on up there?”
  • Using card tables, chairs, and other pieces of furniture and blankets to make tents.  Rommie and I decided to recreate this tradition for this post. 
  • That painting of a little girl in pink clothes from the 1800’s.   It had a smoky gray background and looked like it belong in the TV show “Dark Shadows.”  It was very creepy and the kid looked like she was going to jump out of the painting.  Little sis loved it, probably because she knew it crepped big sis out.
  • Dressing up Fifi (poodle) in baby doll clothes and putting her in the baby buggy. (she didn’t stay in there long.)

Church Memories

  • The old ladies in the back screeching out “Sweet Hour of Prayer” in about 20 different keys. Sis and I always  would sit with maternal grandparents so we could snicker and make fun of the old ladies.
  • The clankity-clank noise of the communion glasses as people put them in the wooden holders.  Switching to plastic glasses for the grape juice took the fun out of communion. (I know, communion is not suppose to be fun.)
  • Mom and paternal Grandmother elbowing Dad when he fell asleep during the sermon.  (which was about every week)
  • Working in the nursery so I did not have to sit through a boring sermon.
  • Mom singing solo – “I Asked The Lord” (link to Elvis)

Neighborhood Memories

  • The Mustard House – yes a house painted the color of French’s Mustard.
  • Running all over the neighborhood – back when it was safe to do so.
  • Our street zig-zagged so us kids would start at the top and build up speed on our bikes and hope no car was coming through the cross street so us kids could make a sharp right turn and then an immediate sharp left turn onto the bottom section of our street.
  • Maternal grandparents living 4 houses down the street.
  • Playing kick-the-can with the neighborhood kids.


Speaking of neighborhood kids, thank you God for:

Linda, Lisa, Teri, Steve, Jan, Bobby, Stevie, Jo Ellen, Chris and Holly (R.I.P.) and Judy who lived on the top section of our street (R.I.P.)

So there you have it, some childhood memories I am thankful for today – and every day.

God Bless You and have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day tomorrow.

Love, Hugs and Sloppy Wet Kisses,

Michele & Rommie

Coming Black Friday – Out Takes 

Photos taken by one of my most awesome neighbors – Anina. Thank you. 

“Now That I Smiled Pretty – Can We Go Play Ball?”

Michele Kearns is freelance writer and social media strategist.  She edits, formats, and re-writes blog posts for three different companies through Jennasis and Associates, a company of virtual business associates.  She is also a contributing writer for “Inside Brunswick” a new magazine debuting January 2013.  Michele co-facilitates a GriefShare support group and is an Independent Consultant for Tastefully Simple.  Michele and Rommie live a very interesting life in the make-shift tent in their dining room.  Contact Michele at Michele dot Kearns @joyreturns.com.