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Tour de Parks: The Other Side of Brunswick Lake

Tour de Parks: The Other Side of Brunswick Lake

Last week I went into the woods at the Susan Hambly Nature Center on the west side of Brunswick Lake.

This week I decided to walk the east side. Well, that did not go so well. I guess it was because I mowed the yard on Saturday that walking the east side was too much.

I pulled into the parking lot only to find that it was full. So I parked at the next logical place – the bar. It is in a strip mall across the street from the nature center. It added a few more steps to my walk.

The starting point for this walk was the ending point for the last one – the boardwalk.


Come on along as we journey across the boardwalk and see the sights on the other side of Brunswick Lake – at least the part I could walk.

I encourage you to get out and walk parks that are in your area. You never know what sights and sounds you will see and hear. Plus, it makes exercise fun.       😀

Party Animals

It was about 4:30 p.m. when I crashed a New Year’s Eve party Wednesday after leaving the grocery store. I am not sure which one is the host. Head over to my photoblog OgleOhio to see a picture of everyone heading west to the next party.



I tried manual mode but could not get the settings right so I quickly switched to automatic mode since I had very little time to get these pictures before the geese flew the coup.






Brunswick Lake, December 2013 – Oh What A Day!

It is 66 degrees here in Northeast Ohio today.  Normally it should be 36 degrees but not to fear, cold weather returns tonight.

I put aside all thoughts of the holiday season, grabbed my camera and headed out to Brunswick Lake. This blog’s header and background are pictures of Brunswick Lake taken in the early fall.

I could not get very close to the lake with out hip boots due to the ground being extremely soggy from all the rain we had during the past 2 days.  There were big puddles everywhere with some of them forming another lake.

Here are some pictures I got today. All are of Brunswick Lake and not the puddles.

Also stop by OgleOhio.com for a picture of the beautiful sky.

Brunswick Lake 12/2013
Brunswick Lake 12/2013
Brunswick Lake 12/2013
Brunswick Lake 12/2013
Brunswick Lake 12/2013
Brunswick Lake 12/2013