3 Words That Smacked Me In The Head

Tonight I went to “Broken to Better to Brilliant” and heard some dear friends share their life experience stories.

I hoped that one of the 3 speakers would say a word or phrase that would serve as inspiration for a blog post.  Well, I was not disappointed.

It was my friend Katherine Miracle who said the following 3 words during her speech.  These 3 words smacked me in the face and are pretty much the only thing I remember:

“I Need You”

Tears immediately came to my eyes as I thought it has been a long time since I heard those words uttered in this house.  Whether it was to get Joe something to eat, drink, or just needing a hug there is no human here to utter those words.

Nor am I able to say those words to him.

In a way I hear them from Rommie when she tells me she needs me to throw her tennis balls, or when she wants either fed or let outside.  While it is nice to know she needs me, it is not the same as having the person you love need you.

Other People

There are other people either in our lives to whom we need to say “I need you” besides significant others.

We all need people but sometimes it is hard to admit it because needing someone can be perceived as a sign of weakness.  However, it is a sign of strength.

Whom I Need

So to my readers, I say “I need you.”

To my friends, family and acquaintances I say “I need you.”

But most importantly I say to God, my heavenly Father

“I need you.”

To whom will you say “I need you”?