The Main Reason I Voted For Mitt Romney

Here are some of the reason’s I voted for Mitt Romney:

  • Obama’s mishandling of Bengazhi (Don’t get me started on this subject)
  • Obama’s mishandling of Jobs/Economy (They are one in the same and don’t get me started on this subject either)
  • Obama’s bowing before the Saudi King (In case you have  not figured it out – this is yet another subject you do not want me to start talking about.)


Then I read this article from Fox News about people voting who experienced hurricane Sandy.  In the article there is the following quote:

I truly believe Romney is an honest, caring man,” she said. “He will lift us out of our spiritual and mental depression and help us believe again.”

Annette DeBona, 73, of Point Pleasant Beach.


That my dear reader’s is the main reason I voted for Mitt Romney – so he could lead us in restoring our faith, hope, and love of  God, ourselves and our country.  

Thank You

Thank you Annette for shifting my focus back to what is right with Mitt Romney instead of what is wrong with Barack Obama.


God bless Annette, her family, friends and all the other people touched by Sandy to never lose faith in you while they rebuild their lives.  Let the rebuilding effort be as quick and painless as possible.  Let them not only receive support and encouragement but also be a source of support and encouragement to others.

In Jesus name I pray,


12:27 Update

At least we have gridlock for another 2 years.  I will take that as opposed to sliding head-on into Socialism.  Before I went to bed I came across this verse I had written down:

But take heart! I have overcome the world.

John 16:33

Yes, Jesus you have overcome the world by dying on the cross for our sins.  I accept that fact.  It is just a shame the majority of the America will not accept what you did and why you did it.

It is comforting knowing you have overcome the world and that even Barack Obama has to answer to God, our Father – the one who is ultimately in charge.


2 Predictions & 1 Other Thought

Very rarely will you find me discussing politics on this blog because politics does not bring me joy.  I am unable to think of a politician alive whom I trust.

However, I stumbled across something very interesting and thought I would share it with you.

I am putting on my  Michel de Nostradame (usually Latinised to Nostradamus according to Wikipedia) hat and predict who will be elected president in November.

Before I reveal my prediction, I just want to assure you I used the most cutting edge research available –


(Hey, I am willing to bet it is more accurate than those telephone polls.)


I checked both candidates LinkedIn profiles and found:

  • 3 connections are connected somehow, someway to President Obama.
  • 91 of my connections are connected one way or another to Mitt Romney.

2 Predictions

Therefore based on this very scientific evidence,

Mitt Romney will be elected President of the United States of America in November. 

Since the number of connections are so lopsided, that tells me:

His victory will be a land slide. 

You heard it here first folks.

My prediction makes Rommie happy.  She has a new motto:

Rommie Fur Romney

Other Thought:  Did anyone ever call Michel de Nostradame “Michelle ma belle?”

( To my new readers, I do have a weird, twisted, sick sense of humor.)