Blessed and Alone: A Summary of 2014

A few weeks ago I read an article, I think from WordPress, about summarizing 2014 in a few words. I had already thought about the words that best describe this year.

After much reflection 2014 for me is best described as the year of being blessed and alone.

Some of my blessings in 2014 were:

  • good health
  • a wedding
  • two babies (not mine)
  • blog growth
  • a roof over my head
  • good health for family
  • seasonal call center job
  • Rommie being in good health
  • Faithful Finish Lines Challenge
  • good health for my 10 yr old car
  • the women of Faithful Finish Lines
  • freelance work for a marketing company
  • the women of 31 Days of 5 Minute Freewrites
  • the friends who helped with my job search
  • the trainers and co-workers at my seasonal job who were always available to answer questions

These are a few of the blessings God bestowed upon me this year.


The sense of aloneness I experienced this year was worse than any year since Joe moved to heaven. It is hard to describe this aloneness that has taken over every nook and cranny of my body and soul.

I understand God is with me and together we can do anything but it does not feel like He is with me.

Hope For 2015

There is hope for next year – there is always hope.

It is hope that I cling too because:

Hope is an expectant desire; a confidence in a future event; a ground for trust and confidence; to think; to look forward to with trust and expectant desire.”


A hope that God eliminates this aloneness.

A hope that He blesses me in multiple ways.