Welcome to my Start Here page.

This page is a supplement to my About/Contact page with links to my various adventures.

Various Resources

My Grief Journey

Faith / Beliefs 


10 Years A Widow Series

(A series about my observations based on my experiences the past 10 years.)

Rebuilding My Career – The Impossible Dream 

411 For Employers

Posts Written By or About Rommie  (Golden Retriever Daughter)

Life Lessons

Living A Joyful Life

I Believe In You – Series

“Diaper” Posts (Bladder Control Required Before Reading)

 My Faithful Finish Lines Fitness Journey

Book Reviews – Launch Teams

I was blessed to be a part of several book launch teams. These are links to the book reviews.

Weekend Wisdom

Some of the quotes, poems and scripture I’ve posted on Saturdays and Sundays.

 Contact Me

12 thoughts on “START HERE”

  1. Michele, this is terrific! I will spend some time here – I want to get to know you and Rommie better.

    I read Rommie’s reply to Denali aloud to her. She listened, very alertly, and when I was done she gave a long Husky-howl. I don’t know how to translate that!

    I will go back and look at your poetry; things have been a bit challenging here, and I have fallen behind.

    May I say that you, and the “Joy Returns” message, are an inspiration to me?

    1. Yes Andrew you may say that JoyReturns’ message and I are an inspiration to you. It does my heart, and Rommie’s too, to know you find comfort and inspiration here. God Bless You.

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