Northest Ohio Authors


This page is dedicated to the local authors whom I’ve had the privilege to meet and to read their book (s) over the  years. Views and opinons are my own and unsolicited.

While I recommend every book on this page, not every book is appropriate for every person. Therefore I am indicating a suggested time frame you need to be from grief in order to get the most out of each book.


These are the books I read and recommend.

The Lady Authors

Discovering Your Dawn; Only when you find your dawn can you discover your true potential. – Katherine Miracle.  As the owner of Miracle Resources, Katherine and her staff help clients increase revenue and awareness through marketing and personal branding. However, it is through her book and public speaking about the events behind the book that Katherine has the greatest ability to change lives. Read her book and 99% of you will be satisfied and content with the grief you are experiencing.  (Recommended time after grief before reading – 12 months, maybe 6 depending upon your spouses cause of death.)

The Upside of Down Times: Discovering the Power of GratitudeLisa Ryan. An excellent book for learning how to get through the tough times in life. Lisa believes so much in gratitude she started a company called Grategy and travels throughout the world teaching people and organizations about gratitude and why it is needed in the work place. Lisa is such a wonderful speaker she was voted Cleveland Business Connections (CBC) Magazine’s 2015 Corporate Event Speaker of the Year.  Sign up here for her weekly gratitude emails.  I recommend you be a widow at least 6 weeks before reading any of her books.

She also has several follow up books which you can find on her Amazon page.

30 Perfect Days: Finding Abundance in Ordinary Life – Claudia Taller.(blog)  You will see life through Claudia’s eyes and learn how she finds abundance in ordinary days. Days filled with good times and bad. It is because she shares information about her marriage, that I recommend you not read this until 5 years after being a widow. You need enough time to pass that while you still love and miss your husband, you remember that there are ups and downs to married life. 

Daffodils and Fireflies  (links directly to the book).  Claudia’s novel, set in Lake Erie’s wine country, for those of us who have lost our way home. You can see other books by Claudia on her website 

Thank you Claudia for the book recommendation.

The Gentleman

Unmask: Let Go of Who You Are Suppose To Be & Unleash Your True Leader. Jeff Nischwitz (Nischwitz Group) Chapters 7 and 13 really spoke to me and I see them applying to all widows who are through their grief journey and are wondering “What’s Next?” This book will get you to thinking and hopefully acting on doing what you decide is next in your life. I recommend reading this book 2 years after becoming a widow. Reading it after 1 year might be a good idea, but Jeff’s words are serious and challenging and might be too much to handle at the 1 year mark.

Final Word

All of the author’s I’ve listed are amazing people. I hope you will support them as they will make a difference in your life if you let them.