The following is a list of websites that I found helpful during my grief journey and in resuscitating my career.  This list is not all inclusive.  Will continue to add more websites.  Website version of the classic “Guideposts” magazine. Lots of links to inspirational stories and blogs.

Our   A service provided by Guideposts.  Can submit prayer requests and a trained volunteer will pray for you.  There are links to free newsletters, daily thoughts and videos.    Website for the Griefshare program I attended at church.  There are links to help you find a program in your area and to their online book store.  “Through A Season Of Grief”  is a must read whether by book or daily emails. – A website I stumble upon that has numerous resources for planning a funeral.  Click on the poetry link, I found a couple of very comforting poems.  I will be exploring this site in more depth but I got the impression it is the only site people need to use when planning a funeral.  I read Gretchen Rubin’s book “The Happiness Project.”  Check out her website and start your own happiness project.  It will not cure you but it will give you something else to focus on besides grief.  Hopefully it will help you rediscover who you are now that your spouse is gone.  This is the site for Dr. Bob Kelleman who is on the Griefshare videos.  Excellent website with links to lots of other websites.  Wonderful blog from Dr. Paul Tripp another gentleman from the Griefshare videos.  Very straight-forward posts about how Jesus can help you through life in a broken world.  This is the main page from which you can access his blog.  There are also other resources on the main page.



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